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  1. groundtender

    New Moose Book

    A friend that was involved in this book sent me a copy. Haven’t read the entire book yet, but so far so good.
  2. groundtender

    Times Past

    I am fairly sure that some of you remember this gentleman that, back in its heyday, ran the lodge located at 20 Mile on what used to be called The Old Boundary Rd going from Rockwood to 40 Mile (Dole Pond) and beyond.
  3. groundtender

    Trump increases hunting opportunities Must drive the antis nuts
  4. groundtender

    Biggest Maine Buck 2019

    I never saw the Maine Sportsman issue that reports on the patch bucks for the most recent season. Anyone know what the biggest weighed and where it was supposedly taken? Thank you
  5. groundtender

    Buck challenge

    Have any of you ever had a similar experience? This has happened to me 3 times in about 40 years. The first time it happened, an old timer in camp told me that I had been challenged by a buck. On all three occasions it happened to me just at the very first skrid of daylight, right at the start...
  6. groundtender

    IFW Dashboard Supposedly this is/was updated daily. It works kind of herky-jerky, but on a phone tap on a WMD on the map and it gives updated info on deer, bear, moose, and turkey.
  7. groundtender

    490 & Raggmuff Rds

    To whom it may concern- I got it from a reliable source....those two roads are unplowed and will remain that way.
  8. groundtender

    Image posting help needed

    Tried everything, including tapping on the “album” icon. No luck. Thank you. Signed Tech Moron
  9. groundtender

    Wal Mart stops handgun ammo sales

    Looks like Wally is going to stop sales of handgun ammo. That’s their business. The silver lining is as these big outfits increasingly reduce sales related to firearms, it hopefully will give a boost and resurgence to the good old-fashion gun shop. I am all for that.
  10. groundtender

    Antlers mounted

    With any luck the image is rightside up. I have trouble with stuff that isn’t totally foolproof. My moose hunting buddy’s son fixed up the antlers from last Fall’s Z8 bull and now they reside in this place of honor in his Jackman camp.
  11. groundtender

    Midway reading

    It’s been about six months from 2018 deer hunting and about six to November 2019. I guess. I just re-read Larry Benoit’s book that he wrote back in the 70’s. His style of putting words together along with the subject matter makes the book very enjoyable. His best advice on tracking and killing a...
  12. groundtender

    Maine 2018 Deer Harvest Map

    . Interesting to compare this to the 2017 map. Just looking close up at Moose River Twp and Dole Pond, both show considerable increases for 2018.
  13. groundtender

    Best moose hunting states Heres a possible reason why the top bid in this year’s Maine Moose Permit Auction was just over $22,000. Hey, it’s only money!
  14. groundtender

    What a way to go

    . Back around 2005 I was wandering the woods between Green Mtn and the Comstock logging camp when I saw ravens gathered around in a bunch on the western side of what I call 1st Foley. North of Big Foley. I moved up the shore to find this scene. It was week three of deer season, I could walk...
  15. groundtender

    Last 2018 day for deer

    I hope someone scored today with their smokepole. Didn’t try it myself this year. Haven’t been north since end of week three, but I’m guessing the snowpack in many spots has declined. Old saying told to me by someone a long time ago: “White Thanksgiving brings a green Christmas”. We’ll see
  16. groundtender

    Good luck

    To everyone. Enjoy the greatest tradition of them all. Not heading north till the 11th myself, but I am pretty sure many of you will be out there starting tomorrow and Monday
  17. groundtender

    Z8 Bull

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]21091[/AgTTACH]. I am not sure if the image will show, never tried that before. Got this bull yesterday in Z8. Spent first three days scouting/hunting on foot in about six or seven different places. Dialed into his area. Moose weren’t showing up too good, but lots of good bull...
  18. groundtender

    New tagging

    I read that F&W has electronic tagging now. I guess that’s what they call it. Don’t know how to post the link, but on Maine F&W website click on “News and Events”. Article is dated Sept. 17. I guess it’s working, because they show up to date figures on bear kills through the first two weeks of...
  19. groundtender

    Bull scouting

    I head north tomorrow for a couple days to start looking around for my October bull hunt. Unit 8. Been looking forward to this. Good luck to other moose hunters
  20. groundtender


    Now that winter seems to be over, what?s your prognosis on the deer herd in The Crown? Thank you