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  1. J

    Wish me luck!

    Any pictures of the nurse? I'm glad it went well. Hoping you heal quickly
  2. J

    Wish me luck!

    Take care maine4570.
  3. J

    Cataract surgery

    Thank you browsline. I need to have it done You can do anything you want to me but don’t touch my eyes. I’m dreading it but it is inevitable
  4. J

    Wish me luck!

    Hoping for a quick recovery
  5. J

    moose draw

    I thought the lodge tags were random draws to lodges and then they sold the hunts for whatever they could get for them. Lodges are not paying $35K for those tags, It is also my understanding that those tags were taken out of the non-resident allocations. I think they went from 10 percent to 8...
  6. J

    Striper Fishing Action

    Yes, Fishers
  7. J

    Striper Fishing Action

    I wonder if the backside of The island is as good as it was when was growing up? We used to fish a certain spot 3 days before the full moon in August and it was out standing. Other spots all season long. My brother had some 50s back there and I’ll never ever forget the giant I broke off there...
  8. J

    Striper Fishing Action

    Nice fish.
  9. J

    Late Hard Frost

    That is cold We had snow showers yesterday but it only went to 30ish here last night. Had a frost but not too bad.
  10. J

    Own A Piece of History

    That is too bad. I was very interested in Doe #1 and Buck #3 as I believe they will become collectors items.
  11. J

    Own A Piece of History

    I'm not sure why I'd want someone else's heads on my wall. Maybe a shop of something along those lines. And does....
  12. J

    Land is getting expensive

    What I think: Too many way overpaid for housing here. Appraisers and banks work together (especially during the pandemic when there were bidding wars). I know this happened and it is now changing downward. Values are going towards more realistic numbers. Those same dumbasses that way overpaid...
  13. J

    Land is getting expensive

    There was an article in the Bangor Daily News yesterday about underwater mortgages. Maine is seeing an increase in the percentage of severely underwater mortgages as is most of the country. Aroostook County has the highest percentage in Maine followed by Washington County, two places with...
  14. J

    Alien requested Hunting Questions in MA

    I'll try to put this as succinctly as possible Why anyone would willingly move to Massachusetts is beyond me. Your mileage may vary.
  15. J

    Head done (2022 buck)

    Looks good. His backpack mounts are interesting.
  16. J

    Maine hunters read

    I wouldn't be so sure he was kidding. Back when my son was in college we had permission to deer hunt a farm. I met the farmer and he told me to kill every turkey I saw. I laughed and said I'd be in jail. His exact comment was "I'm not kidding and if you don't you won't be invited back."...
  17. J

    Maine hunters read

    Doubtful that this legislation will go anywhere. Timberlake represents a pretty big agricultural area and they have has turkey problems for years.
  18. J

    3 boaters dead 1 missing, 7 miles off Cape Ann, Massachusetts

    I used to fish the Watch Hill Reefs, backside of Fisher's Island, and off the Rhode Island beaches in a 13 foot Boston Whaler and 40hp Evinrude. It can be done safety in a small boat IF you know when to go and absolutely know when to say NO.
  19. J

    Land is getting expensive

    There a 7 houses on the road I live on. In the last year and a half, one (each) has been sold to people from New Hampshire, Arizona, and Idaho. There is another house that went up for sale recently and someone from Texas is looking at it. Another house will be going up shortly and I suspect...
  20. J


    I hope he was able to hunt and, successful or not, had a good time.

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