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  1. Wandling

    If you could only have ONE big game rifle?

    What rings did you get? I highly recommend the DNZ one piece ring and bases. I’m slowly putting them on all of my rifles.
  2. Wandling

    If you could only have ONE big game rifle?

    I finally got around to changing the scope on my mountain rifle. I was using a Simmons 6-20x44 for the last 20 years. It’s been a great scope and it’s held zero since it was mounted 20 years ago but it was just way too much for where I hunt. I installed a vortex 4-12x44 with the bdc reticle. I...
  3. Wandling

    Give up on bowhunting?

    I’m just the opposite. I rarely hunt with a rifle anymore. Where I hunt in WV if you want to get on a mature buck the best time is the last week of October through mid November. Our rifle season doesn’t start until Monday before thanksgiving.
  4. Wandling

    If you could only have ONE big game rifle?

    I’m a huge fan of the Remington 700 mountain rifle. I own one in 7-08. A rifle that really comes close to that as far as size and feel but much better accuracy is the savage axis. My coyote rifle is a savage axis in 223 and it is the most accurate rifle I’ve owned.
  5. Wandling

    You have just won the lottery of 300 million. Where and what are you hunting next fall?

    I would probably go on a moose hunt in the Yukon and hunt every species I could while I’m there.
  6. Wandling

    2022 Hunting Chat Big Turkey Contest

    I’m in
  7. Wandling

    Boot Recommendations

    I’ve had the Danner Canadian since Christmas. I went out a few times coyote hunting and shed hunting putting 5 miles on them in one day. No break in required. They fit identical to my Thorogood mic toe work boots. The 600 insulation is perfect for moving around and not getting too hot. I added a...
  8. Wandling

    If you could only have ONE big game rifle?

    I’m sorry to hear that. My dad has one in .260 also.
  9. Wandling

    Boot Recommendations

    Danner Canadian. 10” high all leather. 600 insulation. I just got a pair last week. They fit perfect with no break in out of the box.
  10. Wandling

    2022 Predator season

    I’ve been out a few times since season started. My first stand on the first night I shot a gray but I couldn’t find it after running into a thicket. The second stand of the night I got another gray in the first minute of running the call. My second night I called in a huge bobcat but didn’t...
  11. Wandling

    Hunting Boots

    I’ve been wearing my danners the past few nights coyote and fox hunting. I really like the outsole. It doesn’t hold mud at all.
  12. Wandling

    Hunting Boots

    They have a good warranty and return policy. I’m tired of spending $250 on junk boots that don’t last very long. I hope I didn’t spend $420 on junk boots this time. If I get 5 years out of these they will be worth it.
  13. Wandling

    Hunting Boots

    I bought Danner Canadian
  14. Wandling

    Hunting Boots

    My Danner Canadian arrived today. I wasn’t sure what size to order so I got the same size I wear in my Thorogood boots. They fit perfect. I put on some semi thick socks and took a one mile walk around my neighborhood. They are a bit stiff but that’s expected. I’m going coyote hunting a few...
  15. Wandling

    If you could only have ONE big game rifle?

    If I could only own one rifle it would be a Remington 700 mountain rifle in 30-06. I have one chambered in 7-08 that I have used since 1996. The 7-08 is a great round but if I ever go on a moose hunt I would want a 30-06. The original 700 mountain rifle was produced from 1985-2004 with a change...
  16. Wandling

    what do you think he would score?

  17. Wandling

    17. caliber coyote

    I have never used a 17 but I used a 22 magnum for a while with decent luck. I lost 3 fox one night and bought a 223 the next day. That being said I’ll never shoot another fox with a 223 because the damage it causes. My brother actually just killed a coyote this evening with a 22 magnum at 75...
  18. Wandling


    A few years ago I stopped carrying anything that doesn’t get used every time I go out except for a spare light and one spare set of batteries for my light. I mainly bow hunt. I actually only rifle hunted two half days this season. I’ve been hunting from a saddle 3 years now but I have a disc...
  19. Wandling

    Rangefinder suggestions

    I e had the same Nikon for close to 15 years, maybe longer. I’ve only changed the battery once. It’s been a great one. I use it a ton too. My buddy just bought a vortex and it seems to be a good one also.

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