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  1. 802-603hunter

    Tribute to Peter Miller

    Good post. I have a couple of his books “Vermont People” and “Granite and Cedar” which I enjoy. While I know he helped structure Larrys book I always associate him with those two. There are a number of stories in those books by Frank Howard Mosher that are good reads, another Vermonter we...
  2. 802-603hunter


    Nice. I was mentioning to my kids yesterday that we should start checking our spots.
  3. 802-603hunter

    Snow Storm

    Seems like the storm totals varied wildly, even across short geographic distances. I’m just over a mile from Browseline and got half of what he did. 20 miles south they got 20” in places. A few degrees difference in temperature made quite a bit of difference.
  4. 802-603hunter

    Careful what you wish for........

    The population has certainly changed over the years in the area around my camp. I remember hunting the opener of muzzleloader season back in the mid to late 90’s with the woods and cuts crawling with moose. It was not uncommon to hear bulls fighting in the distance even at the end of October...
  5. 802-603hunter

    The used Beagle Wear Market is getting nuts.

    It could honestly save lives out there.
  6. 802-603hunter

    Rifle scopes

    Polished bare steel where the bluing has worn away over the years. Oh the stories she could tell…..
  7. 802-603hunter

    Free Old Time Savage Patch

    Patches stacked up like cordwood!!
  8. 802-603hunter

    Free Old Time Savage Patch

    I’d rather have you send it to NHhunter, he’s more passionate about his 99 than I ever was of my 340c.
  9. 802-603hunter

    Free Old Time Savage Patch

    I’ve got a Savage 340c 30-30 bolt action carbine, but no picture of it at the moment. I’ve accumulated too many guns so it sits in my fathers safe until I get another safe in the fleet.
  10. 802-603hunter

    The used Beagle Wear Market is getting nuts.

    I I’m not a collector of anything per se, but thanks to this thread I found myself on ebay and stumbled upon a 1975 signed copy of his first book. I bid it up once to see if there were any auto bids and realized thereafter it had less than 10 minutes to go. Ended up with it for $50.
  11. 802-603hunter

    A few completed projects

    That is pretty bad-ass Shawn! Nice work! Love the red-white-blue themes!
  12. 802-603hunter

    Why it’s important for sportsman to attend commission meetings

    Disclaimer, I didn’t read through all of the links. I’ve spent a metric shit-ton of time in the woods over the years and I’ve seen a total of 12 or so bobcats and one lynx. For this feller to see 3 in 6 months (assuming thats in person and not on his cameras) means they are thick within his...
  13. 802-603hunter

    What are they eating?

    From my travels they are most interested in the same Ostrich ferns we eat. One of my favorite meals is venison loins fried in butter, steamed fiddleheads topped with butter, and butternut squash from the garden with maple syrup.
  14. 802-603hunter


    I don’t disagree things aren’t quite the way they used to be compared to our recent past. I use the term recent in relative terms because human presence is but a side note in the history of the planet. Our record keeping is merely a drop of water in the bucket of history. Regardless of the...
  15. 802-603hunter


    There’s a reason Global Warming was rebranded as Climate Change. The new brand is a bigger box to fit more stuff in.
  16. 802-603hunter


    I would like to think that the beneficial biological data of the moose harvested would outweigh any detrimental effects of one less moose out spreading seed.
  17. 802-603hunter

    The other side ……..

    I made a trip up in the woods this afternoon, the deer are definitely hitting the feed I put on the ground pretty hard. After three days there is a pounded runway heading in and out of the area and more sign in general in the outlying area. I wish there were still some deer carrying headgear...
  18. 802-603hunter

    Iron sights

    Yes, its a fairly large hole. Gives a little more definition but is still pretty open.
  19. 802-603hunter

    Iron sights

    I have a 760 with a peep I carry on rainy or snowy days. I have the aperture with the largest hole they make that also has a brass ring around the perimeter. I’ve only shot one deer with it, in a snowstorm at close range.
  20. 802-603hunter

    The other side ……..

    Maybe 5” under the softwood and 8-9” in the open.

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