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    Burris Oracle X Follow up

    Hello everyone, Well Archery season here in Missouri is over. Anyway I have my Tenpoint Nitro XRT at the Pro shop. I am having routine service done new cables, string. I am also having the Tenpoint scope taken off, and the Burris Oracle X installed. and the shop I use here in Missouri are...
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    Hunting E- Bikes

    Does anyone use a electric bike to help with hunting. And what kind brand do you use. I am thinking about buying a Rungu Dualie. Does anyone use one of these bikes. What do you use just looking for useful info before spending a lot of money on one these bikes. Thank you.
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    Burris Oracle X Crossbow Scope

    I bought one of these from my local pro shop. Had them mount it. Went to program it , I had nothing but problems trying to program it, Heck even changing the battery is a PIA. And I am a retired mechanic. Talked to numerous people at Burris. Heck even one of their techs told me he has more...

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