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    Took the plunge!

    Some write it on the shaft . Most of the guys I know write it on the fletching with a fine point magic marker
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    Dunstan Chestnut trees.

    A couple interesting articles on chestnut trees
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    SXS turkey hunts

    Great Pictures Troy ! Awesome success for both of you ! Congrats ! Love the vintage guns . I have a couple myself . Now I need to bring the old Parker out of retirement !
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    Own A Piece of History

    Bars , restaurants . I know the cracker Barrel near my house could use a new one . The mount they have near the fireplace looks like a decrepit old dried up dusty prune . Maybe I should tell them about the sale . They would probably offer $100 . Oh wait ! Maybe only $50 because they have to...
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    Head done (2022 buck)

    Taxi did a great job on that mount !
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    new to the forum

    Congratulations Mo ! You have graduated to " Old Goat ! " !!! :ROFLMAO:
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    Alien requested Hunting Questions in MA

    My question to you is " do you work in MA or NH ? " if you work in MA you are going to pay the MA income tax anyway even if you live in NH . So if you live in NH you will be paying the high property tax and the MA income tax . On the handguns in MA I think all you need is a handgun permit from...
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    Spot N Stalk Strategy

    Spot n Stalk :LOL:
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    MA Opening day

    Nice Birds TB ! Congrats on a awesome hunt !
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    Mountain Hunter's 2022 VT Buck

    Terrific buck M H ! When is your mount due back ? I hope like hell you didn't just due a Euro mount . That buck deserves to be on the wall. it will look great next to your Maine buck.
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    Who ready for Turkey season?

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    Snow Storm

    Since when did your hammer , circular saw , nail gun , tape measure , and level need the internet to operate ? :D
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    Snow Storm

    Londonderry area . Funny , I went for a drive earlier and the snow varied from 8-10 to 12-14 depending on where you were in a 5 mile area . Even just a couple miles from my house it looks like they got 7-8 inches but 3 miles away they got as much as my area. . Cant see over the road banks near...
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    Snow Storm

    We got 12-14 inches so far as of 3pm and it is still snowing a blizzard here in southern NH . Supposed to snow till 9 or 10 tonight
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    Ontario may have a new record lake trout

    I wonder how many lines that fish has snapped over its life span ! I bet it was the cause of many tear filled tissues and legendary heartbreak stories told of " The One That Got Away " 😀
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    Bullwinkle medicine😊

    How else do you think Biden is going to pay for his 87 thousand new IRS agents and pay for his 6 million illegal aliens and their healthcare ,their iphones , their dinners , clothes , and 5 star hotels and other housing for them , plus food stamps and some extra spending money ! The Going...
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    Bullwinkle medicine😊

    That jambero is definitely a scam He wants you to give him your bank account number
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    Bullwinkle medicine😊

    Thats the point ! We are the ONLY Civilized state left in the country not gouging its citizens ! In my district during a special election , the Democrat Mary Eisner's campaign vowed to start a sales tax and state income tax so the state would have more money to blow on " social programs "...
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    Bullwinkle medicine😊

    The Gunbroker Marketplace Facilitator State Sales Tax Law . I think New Hampshire is the ONLY state not on " The List " lol...

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