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    First year Hunter

    This is from Maine IFW site. "In general, all of the WMAs are open for recreational use and enjoyment. Camping and fires are not permitted"
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    What happened to BWB wool pants and coats?

    I have the jacket and I would say it is similar to the BWB coats. They are both lighter coats made for moving. I like the jacket but the wool orange cap is very dark and don't think it would be legal for hunter orange in most states. I have seen the gloves and they arnt anything special. Just...
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    760 Magazine Spring / Left hand safety

    I've installed a bunch of these for friends and family. Really easy to install.
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    The used Beagle Wear Market is getting nuts.

    I have a like new beagle jacket in my closet. I'm going to wait a few years then retire early once I sell it.
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    Suggestions for Lake Ontario Outfitters

    Check out DNA Fishing. I think they are only on facebook. 207-227-6807. The owners used to run an outfitter in the north maine woods. Ive hunted with them before.
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    2022 Maine Pounds and Points Buck Contest

    Thanks for running the contest Longbow. Can't wait to get this one back from the taxidermist.
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    Not a Full Russell Report 2022

    Great stuff as usual Jeff. All the stories and videos you guys put together are pretty amazing.
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    GW's Not so epic 2/2

    Great write up GW. Thanks for taking the time. Sounds like some good action and a lot of miles.
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    New scope

    I have one of the VX3i 3.5-10x40 and like it. I agree that it is noticeably better than the freedoms.
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    A Couple Stories - mbVT 2022

    Good stuff MB. Love the dragging pics.
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    mbVT AK Trip 2022

    Just catching up on this as well. looks like a great trip.
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    Buck Down

    Congrats to your son. That Ithaca is a good looking weapon.
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    Shooter Buck's 2022 Season

    Thanks LB. Still waiting on my Almost biggest bucks in maine patches.
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    760 Decisions

    I 2nd Kevin Aucoin. I've seen some cool stuff he's done with 7600s. Should be in the $200 range to cut it down.
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    Got one!

    Another nice buck LB. Congrats. Hope the thumb heals up good.
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    802-603hunter 2022 Season Recap

    Awesome season. Thanks for taking the time to post it.
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    Special Day

    Congrats on both. Wrapped up a pretty good season.
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    Last day of muzzleloader.

    Nice buck. Congrats.
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    What tools are needed for hunting in Canada? What preparations should be made?

    The guy has his location as Canada. He might not have any border issues if he already lives there.

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