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    Stopped by to say Hi

    Yes, I took a small bull last October. Best tasting animal I've ever taken.
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    Looking for a Cabin

    You could try Blackwater Outfitters in Masardis. I hunted with them last fall and had a great time. Dickie and family are nice people and cabins are very comfortable.
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    Stopped by to say Hi

    Just stopped by to say hi. My wife and I have been in Southern Maine for a little over 10 years and love it. Whole different way of life over the other parts of the Country we have lived in. I'm an avid deer hunter and also enjoy walking the woods trying to flush a partridge here and there...
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    What are they eating?

    Up here we have ferns that come back every year where the tree line meets the yard and field. The deer don't paw them much a they seem to like our arborvitaes more..... We have a row of them 150' long along the driveway and the side opposite the driveway looks like it was pruned at 5' the...
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    Right eye dominant lefty

    I remember taking my wife to the range a lot of years ago and found out rather quickly that she is left eye dominant but is right handed. (She was set up with a bipod and shooting when I looked over and she was trying to use her left eye with rifle shouldered righty). All shooting was done...

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