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  1. Wells Bowhunter67


    See you in Augusta tomorrow
  2. Wells Bowhunter67

    Coyote or Wolf?

  3. Wells Bowhunter67

    2013 Bears

    2014 Bears It was worth the wait , I knew upfront . But I'm happy with results. Russell's Taxidermy in North Yarmouth. Happy Hunter got a surprise when he returned home from school today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Wells Bowhunter67

    What's up Jerky

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Wells Bowhunter67

    08 Tundra

    Clean is an understatement....PM me if interested
  6. Wells Bowhunter67

    Dec 5-11, 2015, Anticosti-Martin La Mer

    Right Place , Right time was the theme this year, never knew where you may spot a buck. Not much time to think about if you should shoot or not for Chase and I. Up till this hunt, Chase has been very successful. An expensive lesson learner, but this trip may have set up some reality for this...
  7. Wells Bowhunter67

    AI 2015 5-12 Dec

    On our way in the AM....
  8. Wells Bowhunter67

    Wells Report May-Nov 2015

    Since our trip to South Dakota the end of May, checking in here once a week or so. Congrats to all the successes! This past summer Chase and I ran our own baits up in the Sunday River area. Thx Willy 13! We had a good bear hunt, plenty of bears, Chase scored on a 168lb Boar Tuesday night of...
  9. Wells Bowhunter67

    Bear Bait

    Doughnuts / 80$ per barrel/ barrel not included. PM me if interested.
  10. Wells Bowhunter67

    Back from South Dakota

    Back from our Mid west trip to visit family in Northwest Iowa/ Sioux Falls SD and Minneapolis Minnesota. Flew in Saturday, stayed overnight in Iowa , next morning Chase and I headed for base camp to shoot P Dogs in Mobridge South Dakota. From camp we had 20 mile drive into where we had ground...
  11. Wells Bowhunter67

    Thats a Wrap

    Yesterday morning Jr said wake him up at 0330. 5;05 first Tom 17-2oz 9 1/2 Beard 7/8 and1" spurs 5:20 second Tom 18-10oz 8 1/4 Beard 7/8 and1" spurs Good times!
  12. Wells Bowhunter67

    First Maine Tom * Youth Day*

    22lbs 1 3/8 Spurs 10 3/4 beard Benelli M2 20 Gauge Fun morning with Jr
  13. Wells Bowhunter67

    It will be tough to top 2014

    Put this together this morning. I get the chills from it and a watery eye every time I watch it! We watched each other shoot our Bears in 2014 and watched each other shoot 3 Bucks each in 2014! Maine and Anticosti. I will never ever forget it!!!! Enjoy
  14. Wells Bowhunter67

    Jr Scores on XMAS

    Nothing new for gear, for dad. But Santa hooked up Chase. Hockey gear
  15. Wells Bowhunter67

    Martin La Mer 5 - **12** Dec 2014

    Smooth Sailing to the CA Boarder, Nice Weather , Clear Skies....I didn't wash my truck prior to leaving ;).... Making good time , even after the 18" barrel discussion in Customs Well needed after the drive...
  16. Wells Bowhunter67

    X Bolts...What's your set up? Lets see em and give us your opinion.

    X Bolt Micro Hunter in 7 mm -08 topped with a VXR 3-12 Firedot with Quick detach to switch to 1.75 x 4 trijicon Carries/ Shoulders well , Mine is accurate with 140 gr Accubond factory but I hand load 140 gr silver tips with one hole accuracy! Highly recommend !
  17. Wells Bowhunter67

    WMUR Channel 9

    This Friday night at 5 p.m. - tune into WMUR Channel 9 for a special feature on how Airmen at Pease Air National Guard Base fly and maintain the KC-135.
  18. Wells Bowhunter67

    Day off for Vets day becomes productive!!

    Wake Junior at 510 am. He takes a hot shower to warm up. We are dressed and head out to the tree stand 0545, just getting light. , get to stand and a deer is up there. cant make it out , it runs off 40 yards. Up in stand we go, I look at my watch 0556 , shooting time. but is still questionable...
  19. Wells Bowhunter67

    Kids Game Hide Gear

    50$ Med Jacket / Small pants - fit Chase 7 through 10yrs old Waterproof, breathable hunting jacket for kids Large front zippered pockets hold lots of gear Made from quiet polyester Take your kids hunting and keep them dry with this waterproof, breathable jacket – it's also a great choice for...
  20. Wells Bowhunter67

    Chase smokes first Maine Deer/Buck

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