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  1. Escout711

    Mike, I sent Dan a text that someone is looking for him.

    Mike, I sent Dan a text that someone is looking for him.
  2. Escout711

    Stinky Bird Question

    I have never encountered a stinky bird until this year. Turningleaf came over and got a nice gobbler. That bird stank like rotten stank garbage/poop. You could smell it from 15 yards away, just awful!
  3. Escout711

    Chinese Virus

    Because in treatment of fever, you can rotate Tylenol with ibuprofen every 6 hours to keep the fever down. If you took Tylenol every 6 hours for an extended period would overdose and ruin your liver.
  4. Escout711

    New Hunting Property(Maine)

    It will be interesting to see how many treestands you find on the property!
  5. Escout711

    Shot Placement

    Red is a great shot, he’d pile right up!
  6. Escout711

    Chinese Virus

    Ha, that would’ve been funny. I actually just made a supply run and I found a store with some toilet paper in stock. They had a a 3 pack limit so I grabbed a pack for us, a pack for my good friend whose wife was just diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer at age 45, and a pack for some elderly...
  7. Escout711

    Chinese Virus

    Oh the guy leading the charge to go lynch the chicken guy just looked like a Bernie loving socialist. Gauges out earlobes like something off National Geographic, pierced bridge of his nose, etc. LOL!
  8. Escout711

    Chinese Virus

    Our town Facebook page lit up last night. We have no grocery stores in town, just a little market/butcher shop. That being said, it’s only a 10 minute ride to a bunch of grocery stores in other towns. Anyway, someone started a post saying that someone was a selfish jerk for buying 80 pounds of...
  9. Escout711

    Binelli Nova & Scope

    One more thought on the Nova... I don’t know how big your son is, but I’m 5’10” and I always have felt that my arms are too short for the gun. It’s a long and awkwardly weighted beast. I’ve never been as comfortable with it as my 870. The Nova is completely indestructible, and probably the gun...
  10. Escout711

    Binelli Nova & Scope

    I have been using a Nova since 2014 and have killed a bunch of birds with it. I did have a difficult time getting myself shooting consistently with it for some reason. The gun itself always seemed to have a higher point of impact than point of aim. When looking into ways to aid my accuracy I...
  11. Escout711

    Looking into making my first purchase for a rifle and scope.

    .30-06, .308, or 7mm-08 only for me if I’m buying a new gun. All 3 are fantastic calibers that will kill just about everything in North America, and ammo is cheap and readily available.
  12. Escout711

    Fish Taxidermy?

    Here was a thread with an example of his work.
  13. Escout711

    Fish Taxidermy?

    There was a member on this forum, jvan was the screen name, that lives up near Fitchburg, MA and he does some great work on fish. He did a monster walleye my buddy caught, and it came out great.
  14. Escout711


    I see the New England Chapter of BHA on Facebook. In my opinion, the folks that seem to be posting the most are a bunch of Trump hating liberal whinebags.
  15. Escout711

    Want to know why folks are not posting much anymore?

    I totally agree. I’m very very rarely visiting this place anymore, primarily due to no longer being able to post pictures. I’m sure there is a way to do it, but I’m usually using my phone and I have no interest in to resize or reformat anything.
  16. Escout711

    New to the forum from Mass

    Welcome to the forum, what part of MA are you in? There’s a few good guys from MA on here!
  17. Escout711

    If you could only have ONE big game rifle?

    My choice would be my Remington 700 mountain rifle in .280, such an underrated caliber!
  18. Escout711

    CVA Wolf Muzzle Loader

    The CVA Wolf isn’t fancy, but it will go bang and is accurate. It does have the breech release lever located in a funky spot which can cause it to open accidentally on occasion if you snag it. I have an Optima V2, and it’s good. On a related note, I was having an issue with the firing pin not...
  19. Escout711

    Big Adirondack Buck

    Yes exactly. Also, most of the old mounts I’ve seen seem to have very slender necks because of the way they used to do mounts and just about any large buck cape would look stellar. I think that instead of trying to restore a 60 year old mount that is falling apart, you would getting that mount...
  20. Escout711

    Muck Boots Cheap

    I will never buy Muck again. A number of years ago I bought a pair of Muck Wetlands. They didn’t even last 2 months before having a big hole break open in the rubber where the foot flexes. I called Muck/Honeywell customer service and they told me too F’ing bad. I also had the exact same issue...

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