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  1. Mikejd

    Not a Full Russell Report 2022

    That was a great Video. Congrats again on a great buck. Good to see your Bro back at it.
  2. Mikejd

    Got one!

    Sorry about the double post. Battery died while I was typing.
  3. Mikejd

    Got one!

    He is only 10 and not totally ready to shoot on his own yet. He has sensetive ears and the noise bothers him. I am not allowed to go out without him though. He did 2 5hour sits on Monday. hhe gets to stay home from school for opening day and the day is up to him. I let him tell me when he is...
  4. Mikejd

    Got one!

    He is 10 so he is still just sitting with me. Hes not totally ready to shoot on his own yet. But I can not go out with out him he wont let me.
  5. Mikejd

    Got one!

    Congrtas an that beauty. You did a number on that thumb though. I just showed my son the pic and I said thats the guy with all the racks and he says we should go to his spot.
  6. Mikejd

    Not a Full Russell Report 2022

  7. Mikejd

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  8. Mikejd

    southern Maine 8 point

    Beauty congrats!
  9. Mikejd

    These temperatures..... friggin brutal!!

    78deg when I got in my stand tonight. This is not hu ting weather.
  10. Mikejd

    Got a buck

    What a great buck. Congrats. Stalk with the stick bow. Doesnt get much more Primal then that.
  11. Mikejd

    NJ Bow Season Opener Sept 10

    Congrats. Way to get the season off to a good start.
  12. Mikejd


    I have only hunted 1 day without him locally in the last 3 years. He allowed me to go alone 1 day I was off he had school. He will go every day if he could. I tap his shoulder at 4 am any day during hunting season he is out of bed in 5 seconds.
  13. Mikejd


    I just showed my son your picture and he said he's gonna be that guy some day. He's 10.
  14. Mikejd

    Shooting Bench Build

    I have build that same bench a few times at a few different camps. It has served us well.
  15. Mikejd

    Huntstock 2022

    If I'm not mistaken the goal was only to sell 2000 tickets. That's not really a large crowd compared to most shows. I think the plan to Have everyone interacting was the reason for a smaller crowd.
  16. Mikejd

    Give up on bowhunting?

    Archery does make hunting season year round. Practicing keeps you thinking and looking forward to the fall. And it's usually archery season. That you have that first crisp morning of the year. Really gets the juices going for what's to come. As for you anything someeone does for enjoyment can...
  17. Mikejd

    Scope or Peep?

    I sight all my peeps and iron sights the same way. Since the sights usually cover most of the target its pretty tough to know how accurate you are. I now draw a large cross hair with a fairly thick marker on apiece of cardboard. This is usually about 3 feet x 3 feet. This way when I cover the...

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