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  1. VTwoodchuck

    Coyotes, deer and the interstate..

    I was driving down I-89 at first light Thursday . I saw a young deer standing in the alder whips near the northbound lane. Then I noticed two other deer further up the bank. As I get closer I saw that the young deer was in a submissive posture with an arched back and head hung low. Almost...
  2. VTwoodchuck

    North East Spring Bear hunt recommendations.

    I have been looking to do a family hunting trip with my grown up children. Having one that is a teacher makes a fall hunt almost impossible. My daughters schools classes in VA end in May. I am thinking about a Spring bear hunt the first week in June. I have been looking at New Brunswick but...
  3. VTwoodchuck

    Video of small buck sparring

    This is from October in our woodlot. First time Ive caught this on video. Later I got a video of the little one making a scrape.
  4. VTwoodchuck

    Xmas bow selection help

    I?ve decided to buy my daughter a bow for Christmas. She is a 25 year old teacher in VA and I live in VT. Last year I gave her a deer rifle and I brought her down my old Knight ML in October. She got permission to hunt does on some private land and shot two. She also bow fishes so shooting...
  5. VTwoodchuck

    Vt opener video. Small 4pt making a scrape

    I had family obligations that kept me hunting close to home this weekend. When walking through the landing that I cleared, I saw a tree moving oddly. Turns out it was a small 4 pt making a scrape. Then he walks by me to get an apple and make another scrape. Kinda long, about 5minutes and...
  6. VTwoodchuck

    First year Chestnut tree report

    Last year I decided to plant some Dustan Chestnut trees in the landing that I cleared last year. I had removed all the stumps and planted some rye to keep the ferns out. My Chestnut Hill trees arrived in early April but, I kept them dormant until May. I planted them like any tree with a mix...
  7. VTwoodchuck

    NY jailbirds on trail cam.

    It was reported on the news that these guys were caught on a trail cam.
  8. VTwoodchuck

    Bow-fishing in VA

    We went to Roanoke last week to visit my daughter for her Birthday. After two days of watching her and my wife shop, my reward came on Saturday. She said we better eat if you want to go bow fishing!....I knew that she and her friends had been bow-fishing so I thought this would be fun. We...
  9. VTwoodchuck

    Handgun to carry woodcutting?

    Im surprised that Im asking this question but some recent posts made me think, so heres a little background. I spend quite a bit of weekend time on my family woodlot. Cutting firewood, playing with food plots and sugaring. with this Decembers heavy snow I decided to plow the major wood roads...
  10. VTwoodchuck

    Introduction to crossbows class

    Recently Vermont has started a conversation about using crossbows during archery season. I really don’t know squat about crossbows. I have never even shot one. As a hunter education instructor, I need to get up to speed. I found that the state has teamed up with a few local bow shops. These...
  11. VTwoodchuck

    MTT-136 new ATV or canine-less dog sled

    Has anyone seen one of these before. I hear that they are pretty dear $$. Watching the video, it seems like it would have unlimited ways to use it. Id like to play with one!!
  12. VTwoodchuck

    Yankee Sportsman Classsic

    I was looking over my Yankee Sportsman Classic “newspaper” and quickly got bored. Is it just me or is the show stale? It seems to me its the same show every year. There are 21 seminar slots and only three are NOT for deer hunting. Don’t get me wrong I know that deer hunting is #1 but, I would...
  13. VTwoodchuck

    Swamp Donkey......WTH!!

    As long as I can remember we referred to Moose as “Swamp Donkeys”. I dropped the term at a dinner over the holidays and the table became oddly quiet. Later I asked one of my urban/in the know nephews what was up. He googled the term on his phone and showed me: Swamp Donkey  A very ugly...
  14. VTwoodchuck

    SD card reader-viewer recommendations

    Folks: I apologize, I know this has been in threads before but I am looking for a card reader to take into the woods with me. I had a fresh track walk by a cam Sunday. It was a medium track and would have loved to know if it was a big doe or a OK buck. My goals: 1) View SD card images...
  15. VTwoodchuck

    Antlered Maine doe.

    Maybe someone posted this already. I have seen velvet racks on does in NY but never a normal looking racked doe.
  16. VTwoodchuck

    A little mission creep.

    Last year I decided for a little project, I'd free up a few apple trees on a plateau on a ridge behind our house . I started by clearing hemlocks that were right on a tall apple tree. The a neighbor who was building a post and beam “man cave”, heard I was cutting hemlock. So he an I tag...
  17. VTwoodchuck

    Lost moose hunter in VT

    Im on the road this morning listening to early morning radio. The teaser comes on about a missing person. With all the screwballs lately, Im expecting the worst. The report comes on that a successful moose hunting team got separated and the man carrying the head did not come out of the woods...
  18. VTwoodchuck

    Illuminated nocks...nock out

    For the past several years, I have been using nocturnal illuminated nocks. I have found that they are only good for one season and are darn hard to turn off in the dark. Otherwise they have been fine. Im thinking about try out these Nock Outs I can shoot...
  19. VTwoodchuck

    Coyote with a fawn?

    I cropped this the best I could. I set this camera for fawn pictures in an area that i got a lot of twin fawn pics last year. Sadly this sure looks like a coyote with a fawn to me. Any other thoughts?
  20. VTwoodchuck

    Little help..Rangefinder suggestions, anything new?

    Hey folks: I presently use a 15 yr old Bushnell yardage pro compact 600. It works great but, is designed to be used two handed, sideways like binoculars. Ranges 16 yards to 600 without arc. Other than size, no complaints. Now my kids want to use it and have some Cabelas gift cards burning a...

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