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    Current active deer browse

    Hoping this thread can be kept current throughout this years deer season. The intent is for us to keep current what our observations are telling us the local herd is feeding on. We all know when the white oaks are falling they are the preferred food source. That's an easy one. Its those weeds...
  2. J

    Local gunsmith

    I live in the sea coast region and looking for a reputable gunsmith for a few small projects. Looking for someone go through, deep clean and replace some parts on an old Remington 1100, a 742 BDL, Do some metal checkering on a 1911 Kimber pistol. Anyone know someone local?
  3. J

    M1 Garand

    The winter is getting to me. Stopped at shooters outpost today. No primers, big surprise. Went upstairs just to “ walk the guns”. As expected limited inventory. Struck up a conversation with a guy who seemed to know a good bit about Garands. Never really considered one but may have the bug...
  4. J

    Deer Browse

    Got out in the woods in Epping Sunday and very surprised to find no acorns in the woods at all. They have been dropping in my yard for a month. Given that its been so dry and the lack of acorns, what do you focus on? Field edges just don't feel right for some reason.
  5. J

    Planning now for 2019 out of state hunt

    Anyone hunt North Carolina? Just booked myself and four others for a trip in mid October with Outback Trophy Outfitters. Looks like nice bucks and lots of deer. Any experience with them? A few years ago went with Outback outfitters. Shot a few small ones. All of these guys seem to book up fast.
  6. J

    Deer browse and acorns

    My yard in Seabrook is absolutely loaded with acorns. Put some cameras out in my usual haunt in Epping. A large oak flat that we smothered in nuts last year is completely void of acorns this year. What are you seeing? What do you find deer feeding on most in low mast years?
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    I am a true believer that the best scent in the woods is likely no scent but every year I seem to test at least on "gimmick". This year I bought "Deer Dander". The reviews are exceptional. Also bought some Tinks all season "Smokin Sticks" Burned one in the yard yesterday. Strange...
  8. J

    Browning Strike Force $119 reduced to $70

    Just picked up three Browning Strike force cameras from Midway-USA. On sale for $70ea
  9. J

    Best value out of state guided hunts

    Looking to travel next year out of state for a 5 day guided hunt. I've been reviewing Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio. Would like to spend under $2,000 for the hunt and lodging and be able to harvest two or more deer. this would be a shotgun/rifle hunt. Does anyone have experience to share? New...
  10. J

    Firearm insurance

    Can anyone advise on no serial number firearm insurance. I have sold my house moved and my girlfriends homeowners insurance does not cover firearms. looking for a reputable insurance company that does not require serial numbers.
  11. J

    Hunting buddy around the coast

    Well, after 17yrs living in Chester I've sold my house. Moving to the Seabrook Beach area with my lady. Over the years I've hunted primarily with my dad and one lifelong friend. Dad's retired and really doesn't come out much anymore. My buddy has had shoulder surgery and won't be out at all this...
  12. J

    New Hampshire and baiting deer

    I'm sure everyone has strong opinions on this subject....I have about 15 acres in So. NH. From what I have gathered reading up on this, it seems that as a landowner, I can legally have one bait site on the property without registering it. Two would require registration. Does anyone know this to...
  13. J

    Reloading .556/.223

    I have been reloading for about 4 months now with a Lee Classic turret. I've loaded about 2000rds total consting of 9mm,40S&W and 45acp. I just came into a ton of once fired .556 brass. Looking for dies I cant seem to find a 4 die set. How differant is loading rifle rounds?
  14. J

    Another bad seed

    I am furious!!!! My daughter came home today from Pinkerton Acadamy and tells me that there was a shooting threat made by a student today for tomorrow. It seems that one of the students told their father who called the school and gave the boys name. My daughter tells me that this very same kid...
  15. J

    Anyone finding your hunting buddies unreliable?

    Last couple of years I'm finding my provious hunting partners are losing interest. I typically only hunt with one buddy and my dad. Dad is just not seeing the point in getting up early anymore. Long time hunting buddy easily discouraged. I hunt S.NH. and usually do pretty well. Found the last...
  16. J

    NH Moose

    Hard to believe there is so little moose talk on this forum. Is no one hunting?
  17. J

    Anyone sighting in this weekend?

    I can't wait to stuff that encore with 777 and blow some smoke. Looking like Sunday. Last year I shot 2 50gr 777 pellots and the 250gr SST lowdrag sabots. These proved very accurate at the range but I never got a shot on game. Toying with the idea of stepping up to 300gr SST's but I simply...
  18. J

    Dogs used for tracking wounded deer

    Anyone have any experience with finding hit deer with the help of your dog? I know last year someone posted contact info for a person in Southern NH who had trained dogs for this. I guy I know enlisted the dog/owner team and said the dog had No Problem finding that deer. Wonder if my German...
  19. J

    Food plot advice

    My next door neighbor just cleared and grated about an acre and a half at the wood line about a hundred yards behind his house. Between the two of use we have 28 acres. He's not a hunter but told me I could plant whatever I wanted there. I was considering some kind of clover, or maybe alfalfa...
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    Early season Deer Browse

    Wondering in addition to early dropping white oaks and weeds in gerneral what people find as a favorite deer browse. I had about 15 acres thinned two years ago and it is overrun with wild blackberries. Are they any kind of preferred food source for deer? How about wild grapes and or their leaves?

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