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    2020 vs 2022 centerpoint amped

    Looking at purchasing a centerpoint amped crossbow. Does anyone know if there are any differences (other than the folding sturup) between the 2020 and new modle?
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    I Wish Glock Felt Better

    I have owned and shot Glock pistols and they are fine guns, so this is not a Glock-bashing post. I recently held one of their single-stack pistols, and it felt good, but only holds 10 rounds. I held a Gen4 G17, but it was toooooo blocky in my hand. I want to like them because they have a great...
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    Anyone have a decent recipe for smoking Black Bear Ribs & Neck?

    Hi all, I got my first black bear in June, and while I've enjoyed making chili, tacos, and stew. I'm looking to smoke the whole neck and ribs, but having trouble finding a good recipe for using a smoker. Most of the recipes I'm finding for the neck are using a crock pot and the neck definitely...
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    Mock scrapes - school me on distance

    So I have a specific question for those that make mock scrapes. I’ve located a nice buck I’d like to target and will implement a mock scrape to see if I can get him frequenting the area more. In this particular spot I’d like to put the scrape the wind isn’t always best for me to sit. I can place...
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    Oyster reef fishing technique

    I’m new to bay fishing, I’ve been mainly offshore in the past and now I have to learn the new techniques which gets me pretty excited. So to the question. I’m gonna be fishing in Galveston bay. In regards to oyster reefs, do you fish the edges or bottom fish the reef itself, or maybe throw a...

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