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  1. J

    What are the worst excuses you have heard for not seeing or getting a deer?

    I was eating a sandwich when he ran by (my dads story after I busted through a jungle and thorns losing about a pint of blood)!
  2. J

    Recommended First Muzzleloader

    Very sad that T/C has been lost.
  3. J

    SD CARDS…what’s everyone use?

    I run scandiaks too. I posted my scandisk issues this year and it turned out to be the 32gb. The 16gb go camera to camera no problem.
  4. J

    Recommended First Muzzleloader

    My TC Encore is awesome but certainly not lightweight! Does anyone shoot a TC anymore?
  5. J

    SD CARDS…what’s everyone use?

    I’ll report back when the new 16gb cards come in tomorrow
  6. J

    SD CARDS…what’s everyone use?

    Got me...I trashed them. Ordered some 16gb from Amazon. Should be here tomorrow. I have two new spots this year that looked promising. Unfortunately, the malfunctioning cameras did not confirm nor supply any other intel. I'll get them out this weekend and just hunt spots that have been...
  7. J

    SD CARDS…what’s everyone use?

    They would take one video and then quit. So the one video I got in the woods was me walking away from the cams and then nothing! Missed two months of scouting. According to the manuals they should be compliant. Lesson learned.....test anything new.
  8. J

    SD CARDS…what’s everyone use?

    Bad year for my Browning cams. They would take one video and stop working. Missed out on a lot of recon for sure. I put the four of them on my bench yesterday with fresh batteries. Let them sit there while my dog and I went in and out. Turns out the issue proved to be the new 32gb cards I bought...
  9. J

    Advice for an MA newbie?

    I travel to NC every year to hunt deer. In NH, as a rule you’ll find smaller racks, larger bodies and far fewer deer. A box blind on the edge of a field is the NC way. It won’t cut it up here! The upside is we do have some bruisers but they are very few and far between. Lots of scouting and...
  10. J

    These temperatures..... friggin brutal!!

    Good opportunity to cap off all of the winter prep crap at home. Skipping muzzle loader this year for the first time ever. Looking at the weather, Wednesday looks like a winner. Will load up the 30-30 and head out to one of two very promising stands according to cameras in zone L.
  11. J

    Another muzzleloader…

    Got one in stainless, camo, thumbhole. As someone else said, a little heavy but accurate. Bought my dad one too. I want to say I bought them in the early 2000's. Does the trick every year!
  12. J


    Walked one of my area's in SE NH yesterday. The area is usually polluted with them. May have seen a half dozen on the ground from this year.
  13. J

    I would like to wish all New Hampshire archery hunters a great opening day!

    Thanks Muzzleloader. They left a mess of branches and slash on the ground. I expect it will be some time before anything worthwhile is able to grow through it. Continued scouting yesterday and tripped over South East Land trust. Looked them up today. There is a good bit of property scattered...
  14. J

    I would like to wish all New Hampshire archery hunters a great opening day!

    Went to put cams out yesterday on some Epping property I've been hunting the past few years with good luck. Decimated by logging🤬
  15. J


    That acorn roller can also be used to pick up brass
  16. J

    Eastman’s trip

    I live three minutes from the dock. Go out with them often. Have two marathons scheduled. Sept 26 and Oct 17th. Eastmans is great. Spring and fall fishing is always more productive than mid summer for sure.
  17. J

    Getting Started

    I started about 10 years ago with a Lee turret press. Still using it today. Faster than a single stage for pistol rounds (100/hr), slower than a progressive. My thought was with a progressive I can't verify every stage on every round. With a turret there's only one thing going on at a given...
  18. J

    Food Production

    Here in Southern New Hampshire we've had good mast the past few years. Around this time I usually see squirrel clippings on my lawn bearing acorns. None so far.
  19. J

    209's vs. 209ML Primers-what's the difference?

    I tried the 777 ML primers and had a ton of hang fires. Totally unreliable with 777 pellets in my Encore. Back to standard 209s that work every time. I have to swab between shots at the range but can get two off in the field.
  20. J

    Bang Flop

    Agree on the front quartering shot. Its worth wasting one shoulder to anchor them right there and now!

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