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    What are the worst excuses you have heard for not seeing or getting a deer?

    1. Muh HIPS! 🤣 Lol…did a 2+ mile still hunt yesterday and my hips and feet are screaming today…reminder to self: wear better fitting boots for still hunting! The mucks didn’t cut it! 2. The deer have me “patterned” so well, they avoid my blind area at all costs! 3. No deer here! (Not enough...
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    SD CARDS…what’s everyone use?

    Lol…the BoneView…not my one eyed weasel!🤣
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    Mock scrapes - school me on distance

    Haha! You said “secrete” 😂
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    Recommended First Muzzleloader

    I’ll 2nd the Traditions Pursuit…tack driver with the Barnes and Blackhorn…
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    SD CARDS…what’s everyone use?

    Turns out the cheapo Wally World ones worked ok…and I format the cards each time I look at them with my BoneView.
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    Tarsal Glands

    My brother swears by them. A few years ago he and I were at one of his “honey holes” where he put me on stand while he continued further into the swamp…he had the tarsal tied to his boot…about an hour before quitting time, a little 4point came along our trail his nose to the ground…he was doing...
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    Bear Hunting NJ

    Those types don’t “learn” …it’s their way or the hiway. I think even if one of their kids got mauled, they would justify it with “oh it was just a bear being a bear”
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    Mock scrapes - school me on distance

    Hmmm this girl is peeing in her scrapes? Like to get that on cam! 🤣 That said, the scents I have been using (black widow) don’t seem to attract squat. I think it’s all a scam…the bubble packs they come in say “2022 season” but they can be opened without damaging them….something “fishy”’going on...
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    Will our descendants have anywhere to hunt?

    I used to hunt in that stretch (many moons ago) Some big suburban bucks roam those areas…a least the developer is giving g someone a chance to get his stuff out but what are the chances the owner of the stand sees that post?
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy thanksgiving to you too!
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    2022 Maine Hunt UPDATE

    Ooh! I feel a story coming! 😊
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    Seasonus interuptus😢

    Thanks and a happy thanksgiving to you and yours!
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    Seasonus interuptus😢

    Thank you! And you and yours too!
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    Seasonus interuptus😢

    Yup! It’s ticking double time!😂 almost ready to call the season with Thanksgiving day looming (I’m cooking) and my daughters are visiting on Friday with the two granddaughters…wife traveling to NYC with a friend on a Friday and coming back for Sunday so I’ll be babysitting my 10 year old...
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    Right Place, Right Time....

    Nice buck Shaun! Congrats! Did my afternoon sit and saw zilch! 🤣 still some time left!
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    Seasonus interuptus😢

    Hope you can get past that pinched nerve in time for some hunting…pain sucks, huh?😣
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    Seasonus interuptus😢

    Thanks Shaun! Got the go ahead to resume activities! Now I just have to wait for my eye to become UN-DILATED again…vision blurry as hell right now. Maybe an afternoon sit today?😊
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    Western Maine Buck

    Nice buck! Congrats!
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    Seasonus interuptus😢

    Yeah, I hear that! Like I said…wouldn’t wish that on anyone…pain or no pain.
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    Seasonus interuptus😢

    No burning sensation for me. He used enough numbing drops I guess…it was the blinding flashes of light that made me borderline nauseous. My eyes are very sensitive to light for some reason…back tomorrow morning for the follow up check. Hopefully he doesn’t have to re-laser me!

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