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    Do you believe in Bigfoot ?

    Ok,boys , I stole this thread idea from my football forum site.It's been very popular with lots of interesting discussion and seems to be tailor made for a group of woodsmen.Sooo...let's give it a go and tell us your thoughts on the big guy or even come clean if you've seen Squatchy mucking about !.
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    Mass. Wildlife & Fisheries needs to be fired !.

    Some 14 years ago , I was ex patrioted from Massachusetts.In that year Mass. Wildlife annouced a moratorium on the taking of herring / alewives.There was obviously an out cry from all us Stripermen ,Canal Rats ,etc.Wildlife & Fisheries told us " relax " ,it would only be 2 seasons ,three...
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    New arrival

    Hi everyone .My name is Bob and um......I am a though , I am Bob and grew up and lived in Mass. for 40 years and then escaped the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts and moved to central Maine 14 years ago.I have hunted , fished,trapped,camped , most of my natural exsistance.I...

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