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  1. ihunt

    Matched Set

    I found the other side to the big antler I found a few weeks ago.
  2. ihunt

    Found some more!

    Found 2 last Sunday and 5 more yesterday. Makes 15 total so far this year.
  3. ihunt

    Hit the jackpot!

    Put on a little over 6 miles yesterday and had one of the best days ever! Ideal conditions.
  4. ihunt

    Hunting shows

    Great letter!
  5. ihunt

    New 2017 Bushnell trophy cams?

    Just noticed Bushnell has a new line of Trophy cam HD aggressor that are 24 megapixel. Has anyone used one yet? I'm looking at buying a couple new ones and 24 megapixels is far more than other brands! I am using Browning recon force HD now and they are great, at 10 megapixels they produce very...
  6. ihunt

    Special last day buck!

    It's been a long season, I made the commitment to use my model 94 .32 special that was handed down from my grandfather to my dad to me. They both shot many deer with it, but I have never shot one with it until today! The fact that it happened on the last day of the season, puts a big cherry on...
  7. ihunt

    love the Browning cams!
  8. ihunt

    Game Camera Batteries?

    I have a few cameras and typically use the lithium AA batteries in them. I usually get 8-12 months out of a set. I've seen some guys post that they don't waste the extra money on Lithiums and just use standard alkaline AA's. I just bought a new Browning Recon Force HD and was contemplating using...
  9. ihunt

    Large rubs

    So, looking for input on some rubs I found yesterday. As you can see by the pictures they are all on large trees, seem to have scaring from previous years and all were within 25 yards of each other. I've seen signpost rubs before but it's usually 1 maybe 2 not this many in one small area. Would...
  10. ihunt


    This has been the worst season ever as far as deer sightings go, but as I've always said give it time and it will happen. A friend of mine who lives in southwest nh is going to PA next week hunting and wanted to borrow my climber to take with him, so this morning I drove down to give it to him...
  11. ihunt

    Deer Hunting in New England

    Nothing we didn't already know!
  12. ihunt

    Would be interested in your Comments?

  13. ihunt

    rotary ice derby

    Anyone on here fish the great rotary ice fishing derby? If so what species do you target?
  14. ihunt

    accessing huntingchat with a tablet?

    I got a kindle fire tablet for Christmas. Whenever I reply to a thread it logs me off the site and I lose internet. I have turn off the kindle then turn it back on, re log in getting to be a real pain in the ass! Anyone have any suggestions or experiencing this issue?
  15. ihunt

    Trap Line

    Attended the NH Trappers Association Banquet last night, had a great time! Does anyone else on HC do any trapping? Thinking of running a small trap line next trapping season, any advice?
  16. ihunt

    Deer Pools/Contests

    After seeing the P&P contest thread, I was wondering what everyones thoughts were on the topic of Deer Hunting Pools/Contests? I personally am not a big fan of this type of thing. They always seem to focus on who can shoot the biggest buck, be it antler score of heaviest weight. Does this not...

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