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  1. ihunt

    Some more laws to follow that will likely get passed.

    Rumor has it the entire bill was killed.
  2. ihunt

    Nice trail video set

    Pretty cool videos.
  3. ihunt

    NH Expo in Milford NH this weekend?

    If you've been to one you've been to them all.
  4. ihunt

    Anyone have a NH deer patch. If so, please comment with a pic of the buck and the weight.

    shot in 2010. 201lbs Got the 200lb patch and entered it in the NHASC. If only it had brow tines.
  5. ihunt

    The Grapevine says that NH is going 100% online deer registrations next year

    I refer to them as Old stuff trading post and shit sales ;)
  6. ihunt

    2021 New Hampshire Meat Pole

    11/16/21 9 point 181lbs Tikka TX3 .270
  7. ihunt

    2021 Maine Buck

    Say what!!??
  8. ihunt


    They are so cool. Saw my first one a couple years ago up near Parlin Lake.
  9. ihunt

    E Bikes and hunting in New Hampshire ?

    I saw that, but it's incorrect. The law says 750 and greater, not exceeds 750. I've actually contacted the organization that created that document and told them of the error and they basically said they would look into it. :rolleyes:
  10. ihunt

    E Bikes and hunting in New Hampshire ?

    Yes, they are allowed. Anything 750 watts or greater has to be registered as an OHRV and abide by all the OHRV regs. Like you need written landowner permission to ride it off your own property.
  11. ihunt

    E Bikes and hunting in New Hampshire ?

    I tried posting the NH regs on ebikes, but the site won't let me attach a word document :rolleyes:
  12. ihunt


    Break those pods open to see if there are nuts inside. Seeing those doesn't necessarily mean they have nuts.
  13. ihunt

    Madracker deer pool (NH deer only)

    I think you should add a prize category for Average weight deer. Take all the weights of the deer that are entered and calculate the average weight and whoever comes closest to the average weight wins a prize. This will surely get more people to enter in my opinion. Just figured it would give...
  14. ihunt

    Novice hunter in white mountains seeking guidance

    Why are you so interested in "Public Land"? In NH you can hunt on any property that's not posted.
  15. ihunt

    Novice hunter in white mountains seeking guidance

    If you're in the Littleton area, you don't have to go far to be in a good area for deer. I've hunted the littleton area most of my life and it's a much higher deer density than the locations you were suggesting. From Littleton south along the Connecticut river valley is where I'd focus...
  16. ihunt

    2021 Tacoma

    Been there, done that! (y)
  17. ihunt

    2021 Tacoma

    The demand for Tacoma's right now is through the roof. The dealership is always asking if I want to sell mine. They barely have a handful of them on the lot. I've had Tacoma's my whole life, love them!
  18. ihunt

    Matched Set

    I found the other side to the big antler I found a few weeks ago.
  19. ihunt

    Found some more!

    Keep them. Kind of like my guns ;)
  20. ihunt

    Found some more!

    Found 2 last Sunday and 5 more yesterday. Makes 15 total so far this year.

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