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  1. longbow

    First week of the 2019 Maine rifle season.

    Very nice. Good luck during the rest of the season.
  2. longbow

    Sarah Christens the Shamp

    Great story, glad it finally came together for her!
  3. longbow

    Forum Software Upgrade

    Yeah, and I used to me a 14 pointer or something and now I am only an "active member"!
  4. longbow

    Pretty neat video for you trackers

    I was taught that when you move around you see a lot of deer, but when you stay in one place you kill a lot of deer. :) Great video.
  5. longbow

    Forum Software Upgrade

    Welcome to the site. What was your old name. Oneshot?:)
  6. longbow

    2019 Maine Buck

    Very nice buck! Surprised he didn’t make 200. Congrats!
  7. longbow

    What a weekend!

    Nice buck! Congrats!
  8. longbow

    150lb 8pt

    Nice buck! Congrats!
  9. longbow

    When is Everyone Hunting

    Looks like MGK knocked a nice one down in Maine. Probably be posting soon....
  10. longbow

    Forum Software Upgrade

    Looks great! Thank you.
  11. longbow

    Cell Phone/GPS/Maps

    So, what is the latest? Can you use your cell phone to track yourself on an aerial, satellite view, (not a road map), without a signal? I read that you could, but Google maps only lets you download the street map, not the satellite view map. This is a change from previous years I read...
  12. longbow

    When is Everyone Hunting

    Will be hunting Thanksgiving week in the North Maine Woods, WEST of Ashland. Can't wait! When is everyone else hunting?
  13. longbow

    Fat Bear Pics Part 2

    More pics.
  14. longbow

    Big Fat Bear (Pics)

    Some may remember the fat bear I have been seeing for years. Well, tonight he came in. The early bear season ended yesterday.:( Was sitting with my son waiting for a buck. I walked over to persuade him to leave, but he was not to afraid and just stood there, reluctantly walking away after I...
  15. longbow

    Buck Down

    Hunted some big open fields where we had been seeing some bucks. So, my son and I broke out the crossbows. I put my son where I had seen two nice ones and I sat off on a small hill nearby. Of course a buck came to me. Had a standing 60 yard shot at him out in the field and Schwacker'd him...
  16. longbow

    Quick Evening Hunt

    Got my son in the blind right after football practice. Last two nights there was a bigger buck with these two. Of course he was a no show tonight.:( One of the bucks took a peek inside the blind. lol Plenty of time left, had some fun! That's just a big acorn they are licking.:cool:
  17. longbow

    NJ Deer Poacher (Caught!)

    My friend has a stand and a cellular game camera out on posted private property. First he got the pic of the deer's legs, which he didn't quite understand. Then he got the pic of the guy. He promptly drove to the property and caught the guy still on scene, just starting to remove the head...
  18. longbow

    Camera Check

    Got the cameras out late this year, but just got some pics that I thought I would post.
  19. longbow

    First Shot 9/14

    Got "Ol Lightnin Bolt" out today and make a nice first shot at 20 yards. The one that counts. Successive shots were within 4 inches or so. One from 25 yards was 6 inches low. Usually shoot about 10 arrows every other day or so. One at a time, every day the week leading up to the opener. Try...
  20. longbow

    Peep Sight Aperture

    I was looking at NY hunter's thread where he was selling a Williams peep sight and he mentioned different sizes of apertures and it had me thinking. When I am hunting with my peep sighted guns, I keep one of the screw in apertures in. I think it is 1/16th?. It is considerably smaller than the...