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  1. J

    Bear baiting attractant

    Beautiful area. I moose hunted in Sutton in 2005. lots of moose and plenty of bear. I shot a cow and another hunter killed a nice blackie a day later over the gut pile.
  2. J

    6.5 Creed

    My 338 Win mag destroyed a Bushnell Banner in short order(used scope). I replaced it with an Elite 3200 and put one on my 300Wby as well. Don't shoot the 338 much but it has held up to the 300 just fine.
  3. J

    Nh legislation

    That’s how I read it too. What a bunch of clowns.
  4. J

    Nh legislation longer need written landowner permission to put a camera out as long as your contact info is on it?
  5. J

    Nh legislation

    We have to stick together. I may not be able to get written permission to put out a cam. By the same token, if while scouting I come across your camera, I'm not asking any questions. What harm is a camera? I can see the issue with driving metal spikes into a tree for stands but strapping on a...
  6. J

    I used to be unsure on the fence, but these guys convinced me that the Rompala Buck was altered and Fake.

    Seem like a down to earth guy. Like a bunch of you guys I imagine, I spend lots of time researching for just on more tidbit of info. I don't spend any time listening to or reading the big commercial "professional" hunters crap. The Hunting Beast and the Hunting Public are a couple of my favorites.
  7. J

    New Rifle Purchase

    I would have jumped on that one too. I have a 336 in 30/30. Nine out of ten times my 3006 stays home and I hit the woods with that little Marlin. Whacked a forkhorn with it this year. Deer went 10 yards.
  8. J

    How's Your Weather?

    Saw 5 deer in Exeter this evening nibbling in fields. Three in one field and two about a half mile away. Starting to green up.
  9. J

    Show me your AR's

    Nice looking rig Mowbizz. I have two in 556. One with a standard Vortex scope and one with night vision. Was shooting my Ruger PCC today and a thought occurred to me. My birthday is next month. Time to do some research on suppressors!
  10. J

    Show me your AR's

    Take a look at the STI Scorpion tactical shotgun. Can’t build one for less in my opinion.
  11. J

    NC Hunt 2022

    Think I’ll try the er 81 route this year. I usually go 95. Small delay in NY around the bridge but big delays in DC
  12. J

    NC Hunt 2022

    My buddy and I deer hunt NC the 3rd week of October. Leave NH sea coast around 6am Saturday. 14-15 hrs, 700 miles. Lotsa deer
  13. J

    Nh legislation

    What about public land or those in conservation easement? Who would you go to for permission in these cases? This is stupid.
  14. J

    Anyone been to Alberta for whitetail?

    I hunt NC and they bring them back to the lodge to gut. I suspect to keep the coyotes away. In most cases you can drive the truck right up to or within 100 yards of the dead deer.
  15. J

    Storm Conditions

    Winding down here at the sea coast. I’d guess around 14” or so with some 30” drifts. I’m about a half mile from the ocean in Seabrook. Had to blow out a section of my yard for my German Shepard to relieve herself
  16. J

    Spypoint Camera

    Best cams I’ve had have all been Brownings. The worst were Stealth Cams. Must say though, I had one cheap WGI that was a real workhorse
  17. J

    The Grapevine says that NH is going 100% online deer registrations next year

    My concern would be things like someone shooting a buck and online checking it in using an antlerless tag then shooting a second or third buck. To take it a step further, using an archery tag online for a firearm killed deer keeping an open firearm tag.
  18. J

    Would you go Hunting on your Own African Game Farm if given the opportunity

    XBOLT- that's a fine hunting rig you've got there. Glad I don't have to hoist deer up into the back of that thing!

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