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    BIG D and GW 3rd Week Trip Report

    Big D and I have been doing the 3rd week for the past 14 years in northern Maine. This year was different as we have all had stuff to deal with over the past 18 months and I was just not as ready or excited for this year. But that moment and feeling when you pull off the pavement onto gravel is...
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    Pulaski Trip

    I made a quick trip last week up to Pulaski for the end of the season run. I left Wed Morning and back for dinner on Thursday. The conditions were tough, very few fish in the river. But still a great time I saw deer, turkey, eagles, osprey, hawks, mink and a pine marten. That area is loaded...
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    First Scoped Gun

    I bought my first rifle that I topped with a scope last November. I bought a Tikka T3X in 270 Win, and topped it with a Luepold VX 5HD - 2-10. I had a sheep trip planned for this August and my other guns are all open sights and my shooting has been 95% within 100 yards for decades. Due to the...
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    A Couple Half Days

    Well I managed to get out in NJ for two mornings this year. 12/23 and 12/31. My first morning I was excited to get out to an area I like along the Del Gap Area. I got off exit 1 off Rt 80, which is Old Mine Rd. About 1 mile north there was a light blanket of snow, that was a pleasant surprise...
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    GW's 2019 Season

    Fellow HC’er Big D and I make an annual trip to northern Maine. I failed to make a report last year because it would have been redundant with most of the other reports. Snow, cold, stuck truck, snow, migration… This year was to be our year. We got in good physical shape, trucks packed and we...
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    Bully in the Neighborhood - caught on Cam

    I think we are limited to three pics in one post and I wanted to do this quickly so I will post three pics that tell the story. This little guy was just hanging out by himself, minding his own business. Then this teenager shows up and wants to pick a fight. After a bunch of tussling, the...
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    Sheep Hunt

    I have decided to get after some of the items on my bucket list. I am going on a sheep hunt in 2021, possibly 2020 if the outfitter gets a new concession. Therefore, I "need" to get a new gun, you can never have enough. I do not currently have a gun with a scope. I do most off my hunting in...
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    Just getting going!

    Just starting to learn a new lake in NJ. We picked a great weekend (-10 to +14 degrees) to get going. Sorry about the pics as they are not great but it is great getting the kids off the electronics, onto skates and out catching some fish. We got a bunch of pickerel 14 to 25 inches. Lost a lot of...
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    2017 Recap BigD and Lambo

    The build-up for this year?s trip was a bit different. BigD and I both got in more exercise than prior years and we were ready to run the hills. The weather forecast kept fluctuating. The area that we hunt gets mountain weather too, so we were not sure what to expect. I certainly enjoyed the...
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    Lambo's Off

    I just finished a nice dinner out with my wife. I am now hanging with the boys for a bit, my daughter will be home at some godly late hour that I used to see. And I am soon to hit the hay to get up early to head north. The truck is packed and it will be about 10-11 hrs from NJ to get up there...
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    Lambo's 2015 Hunt 1/4

    Well this is the 2nd year in a row I am late posting. Sorry it does take some effort, and even more reason I am impressed with the Russelbro?s timely posts. However better late than never and I thought it could break up the winter for some of you. This year?s trek (3rd week of November) from NJ...
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    2013 Buck is home

    Got my mount back a couple weeks ago. A long time coming but it came out well. Oneshot and a few others gave me some recommendations for taxis down here in NJ so thank you for that.
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    Very Late 2014 Recap

    I’ll start by stating that I am happy I am not as famous as those Russel Bro’s, they would be skewered if they took this long to post. The third week of the season was upon us, my truck was packed and the alarm was set for 3:45 am. Leaving NJ, I planned on making it to camp by about 11:30 on...
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    Still Training - 2 Yellows

    I thought I was going to get out hunting this weekend but with temps in the 80's and pups still a bit out of shape I just got some good early morning training in with Bradi and Hunter.
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    Merry Christmas in NJ

    Well, I have been here for more than 5 years so I ough to consider it home soon. Merry Christmas to NJ HC's and visitors. Here's to a great 2014!
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    Lambo and Murph get 'er done!

    Got on the road Monday morning, just after 4:00 am for the long drive north for a week of chasing deer around. This year I got in better shape than I have in the past. I find being in shape keeps me more focused towards the end of the day, when I am hiking around the mountains. This is about an...
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    New Jersey Taxidermist

    Hey guys - just got back from Maine with a nice buck that I plan to mount. I will post story, photos and details on HC Monday but want to get the cape off and to a taxidermist this week. Do any of you have a good recommendation? I live in Chatham, Nj. Thanks in advance. 9 pointer 197.5# -...
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    Last Hour of Work - for Lambo and Murph

    Getting out of NYC soon but not heading to Maine until 4:00 am Monday. I have nothing else on my mind other than deer hunting in the big woods. I have been loving all the posts, some dandy bucks for sure! Best wishes for all those heading out over the next few weeks. I am hopeful that Lambo...
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    Sparring bucks in the Catskills

    Sorry no pix on this one. I am on a corporate retreat for a few days at the Mohonk Mtn House in New Paltz. When we finished up at 6:00 tonight I decided to run some mountains to get in shape for hunting in Maine. I had a tough time running up 1.1 miles, but coming down was tough too. At the...
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    Last time out for birds

    I had a couple friends in from the DC area for a final bird hunt. We do a fall hunt together for geese and ducks on the Eastern Shore of MD, and then a second hunt up here in NJ for Pheasant/Chukar. The preserves are open until May 1st in NJ and it was nice to get out for a good walk and my pup...

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