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    What are the deer doing?

    So in my area I've seen two big bucks tending does this past week. Thick stuff neither one moves unless they're pushed. My traditional stands have been dry... Whats everyone doing this time of year? When do you think the Bucks will be moving again to find the does that didn't get bred in the...
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    Little bachelor group

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    Thinking about a new sight

    VTB Sight I've got an adjustable Vital Bow gear single pin if any ones interested. PM me. BH65 >>===============>
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    NH F&G Deer seminar Check out this deer hunting seminar schedule being put on by Fish & Game. Unfortunately I missed it tonight, but my buddy said it was great! If it doesn't open by clicking on it, cut and paste to your browser. BH65 >>========>
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    2014 NH Meat Pole

    Area L in Southern NH. Fatty 110 lb Warty Spike!
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    First night success

    I had pic's early in a transition zone, 2:30 - 4:30 8/30 to 9/12, so I was in stand at 1pm on Fri 19th (first time out). I didn't see squat until 5:50 a Doe came out of the field 100 yds away and she fed up the ridge. Ten min. later this spike horn came through the field on a bee line to my...
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    NH Ice Fishing tips

    Hello HC, Any hot tips on water that is producing? I hear Merrymeeting is pretty goo right now. BH65
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    Savage 22/20 ga over & under

    I have a Savage over & under 22/20 ga. that I've had since I was a kid. I had some problems with the firing pins and now I'm unable to close the breech. Any suggestions? Not sure if I should try to order parts and tear it apart myself or find a good gunsmith. Any experience with these guns or...
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    2013 Archery Meat Pole

    NH Sept 22, 2013. 7pt 150 lbs dressed
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    10 pt, Archery CT

    Brother's archery 10pt, dressed 175. He had a great hunt had several deer in a pumpkin patch, this buck tried to mount a Doe Sept 22nd...
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    Good year in NH

    I've been out a half dozen times and have managed to see deer on every outing. There is a great crop of acorns in my areas this year and it really has the deer on their feet. I was fortunate to shoot a 7 pt that dressed 150 lbs 9/22, and dropped this Doe tonight. Good luck to everyone for the...
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    Doe down in NH

    Great afternoon to be out, set up in an M zone. Barely got settled and three Doe's were already on their way. They fed half way and turned, I Doe bleated a few times and they headed my way. Biggest Doe came to within 15 yds and I drilled her. She ran 100 yds with a double lung shot and piled up...
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    Maine Salmon Trip

    Headed up to Danforth Me and fished East Grande Lake to close the season. Good friends & fishing.
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    7 pt Down in NH

    Shot this 7 pt in NH, dressed 150 lbs. Great hunt! Bumped a few does out of the acorns walking in, got settled and they came back through an hour later but 80 yds out. At 5:30 pm I heard something rustling to my right so I got ready, at 5:45 this guy stepped out at 20 yds. I thumped him and he...
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    Trophy Ridge, React Sight You have got to see this New sight by Trophy Ridge, React sight. Watch attached you tube video. Set 20, 30 pin - 40, 50, 60 self adjusts. Then fine tune 40 pin and all others are fine tuned. Anyone try it...
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    Shed's dropping yet?

    My Buddy up Northern NH says all the bucks have dropped already. He has a camp in Ct Lake region, property has a deer yard. His cameras are showing bucks with nothing. I'm in SNH, ready to get out and search, but dont want to pressure deer if they haven't dropped yet. Anyone seeing bucks with...
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    Saw a Monster in a red pick-up today!

    Putting out Christmas decorations in the rain, a small red pick-up drives by my place with a HUGE buck in the back. Anyone know of a nice buck from SNH Rt 108/Rt 4 area today?
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    How you doing

    Slow season as far as sightings, but good as far as filling the freezer. I haven't seen a lot of deer maybe 10 total. I killed an 80lb doe in NH Sept 16th, and a spike in CT Nov 15, both with my bow. Horn Hunting the rest of the season, hope to catch-up to a couple nice bucks I've been tracking...
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    What are the deer doing?

    Want to know who's still in the woods and what the deer are doing in your area. I shot a doe Sept 16th in NH with my bow, and a spike Nov 15th in CT also with bow. I had foot surgery a few days ago and I'm going Nuts that I can't get out... Hopefully I heal up before the end of season to get...
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    Help new sight settings

    I saw the post about sight pins, I was going to add my ques there, but think it's a little different. I've shot single pin at 25yds for last 5 yrs, just bought a Spot Hogg, Hunter hogg-it, with wrap. Love this sight, indestructible. Problem, my bow is a lot faster than the last time I shot...

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