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    6.5 Creed

    Picked up a Tikka T3x a few weeks ago and need to put a scope on it. Thinking of setting this up as a longer range plinker and a western hunting rifle. Been looking at the SWFA 6x (seem to be on perpetual backorder) and waiting to see what the new Sightrons look like this Fall but always open...
  2. J

    Receiver sight for TC Omega

    Has anyone used the Williams WGRS Guide Receiver Peep Sight on their TC? If so thoughts. Thinking of taking the scope off of mine and setting it up that way. Thanks
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    Deer Wintering Areas being Purchased

    Not sure if the links works (BDN is a pain in the ass). but IF&W is seeking funds to purchase 930 acres in Caribou, Woodland, and Washburn...
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    Norma Whitetail Ammo

    Anyone use it on game? I bought 2 boxes for my 06 and it didn’t shoot particularly well. Willing to give it a shot in my 243 if I can’t find the Federal that I usually use
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    Percussion Caps

    Thinking I want to go back to trying my Renegade or Hawken next year. I have powder, maxi balls, but no primers. I have found Remington #11s somewhat locally and a few places have CCI on line but the hazmat fees are outrageous. Any thoughts on primers in today’s markets? We used 90 grains of...
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    2021 Musings

    I wasn't going to post as it was a rather slow year for me. I'll say that no deer were harmed by me during the making of this post. Bird hunting Started out very slow for us which was a shock based on the number of birds we saw pre-season. Evening rides in the woods usually resulted in 10-15...
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    My oldest is getting his son into hunting. Not sure how I get roped into this stuff but why am I dragging? At least it wasn't one of MGK's death marches.
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    Just thought I would pass these along. They certainly weren't scared of me. The one on the stump is a kitten.
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    Adaptive Moose Hunt

    I wanted to publicly thank meatseeker for all of his help last week. He is the ovary king!!!!! We had a great hunt, great food, and a lot laughs.
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    Shooting Tripod

    My father is building a shooting platform and I'd like to get him a tripod to use as a rest. I've been looking at Bog Havoc. Appreciate your thoughts on a decent inexpensive set. If I were smart I'd frequent yard sales and look for a camera tripod.
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    Woods Vehicle

    If you were going to buy a vehicle solely for use in the woods, hauling a sled during ice fishing, beat up and not care about it what would it be? My criteria: Under $5,000 Known for reliability Able to seat 4 I was thinking a 4 Runner, older Jeep Cherokee, or maybe a Nissan XTerra. Looked...
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    Signs of Fall

    Can't believe I am saying this already... Leaves are starting to yellow off. Oat fields are turning yellow, a sign that harvest isn't too far away. A good number of the salmon we are catching have darkened up and have a very pronounced kype. Choke cherries and mountain ash (loaded by the way)...
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    Good day

    Was able to fish with Dad. Fishing was so so but it was good to get him out.
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    Deer Wintering Area News

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    Unsure what to do

    I do not want to sound ungrateful. I drew a 4A cow moose tag for the October 18-23 season. 4A is part of the new adaptive hunt where IFW wants you to kill cows to reduce the moose population. I have no problems with that at all. However, the zone is about half of zone 4 and there are 200...
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    Affordable 760s

    I went downeast Friday to mow my parents lawn. On the way home I stopped at a hardware/sporting goods store and lo and behold they had not ONE but THREE 760s. That were all plain jane 30-06s. One could be yours for the low affordable price of between $1199 and $1499. No way.
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    My mother traveled the world and among other places has been to Mexico, Belize, Ireland, Portugal, and the Bahamas. Her favorite trip was to celebrate her retirement and was a 120 mile horseback trip through the Wyoming Rockies. When done, the outfitter said, “Jane, you are one tough old bird.”...
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    Leupold sells Redfield

    Sold Redfield line to Academy Sport. Academy will develop the line exclusively for them now. Leupold will still honor the warranty on legacy purchases. Too bad as I like the Redfield line. I suspect it will be Chinese junk now.
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    Took the grandtwerp to Ashland Sunday to look at deer. Saw in the neighborhood of 60 or so plus a like number of turkeys. Deer looked great and there isn’t much snow left. Saw 2 radio collared deer also Aroostook River is mostly out, sledding is done, and I can see the rock in front of the...
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    Can anyone recommend a good, inexpensive handheld MURS radio? I'm looking at the BTECH MURS-V1. Thanks

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