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    Bad primers ?

    Blackthorn works best with a hotter primer. Remington STS Primers 209PSTSB
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    Too bad on that buck. Roger-
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    NJ Opening Day Gun

    Good luck and we hope you have a great encounter with any of those studs. Mounted sitting with a donut in his mouth would be appropriate. Roger-
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    AWOL since rifle season

    Lots of age and experience I bet has him hiding in a nice secluded place. Roger-
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    Maine deer season part 2

    Thanks for sharing your season with us. Loved the photos. Congratulations. Your season at 68 is what we should all strive for. Roger-
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    Maine Success

    Thanks Bmiller. Roger-
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    NH Cross Country Skier

    The fit bit is just a fitness tracker that my family purchased for me. I find it useful for mileage traveled. I use my phone for the GPS/map stuff when hunting. Roger-
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    Longbows Maine Adventure.

    That photo of wading through the snow doesn't look too fun. Looks like a real energy drain after a few days of doing that. You get that snow each year on the 4th week? Roger-
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    Sons Thanksgiving day buck...

    Internal organs removed...right? So you could leave the rest..... Roger-
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    NJ Youth Day Buck

    I like your style. You make him drag the Maine buck? A little ways at least? Roger-
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    Maine Success

    I'm still dreaming about it. I had to pinch myself when I looked over at Hal and we both were smiling and throwing high fives at each other. Agree gotta just go make it happen is so right. Roger-
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    Maine Success

    Thanks for the comment. It was an awesome week with a great person and group of guys and guides! I answered your inquiry about the BWB jacket in your post. Roger-
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    Wool Jacket question.......

    I did see your post asking about the differences in jackets but since I did go on a hunt with Hal I didn't want to sound like an ad for BWB. Well I have the beagle stuff. Stalker pants and jacket. I have always been too hot with that model when I walked (wasn't really tracking back when I...
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    Maine Success

    I've been hooked since I was a little kid....begged dad to take me out at 4 in the morning when I was 6....well he finally took me out at 9 and I shot a buck 15 minutes after he sat me down. He went to the good spot....or so he thought:D. Now 50 years later and still in good enough shape to go...
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    2019 New Hampshire Meat Pole

    Some tender deer meat there. Roger-
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    Sons Thanksgiving day buck...

    Good for you. Great Maine buck. Roger-
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    mbVT Maine Tracking 2019

    Congrats....your on a roll. Love the dragging photos. Roger-
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    NH Cross Country Skier

    Oh you are sooooo right Gold Rush. But I have to go during the season as I will have many months to rest up. Roger-
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    NH Cross Country Skier

    Found him about a 1/2 mile away from where we left him on noisy in the hard snow I could't get any closer than 80 yards....I got the tail in the wind look. I believe I spotted the doe with him. Kept on him all day but didn't get another look. I got pretty close as he swung by...
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    NH Cross Country Skier

    I have been using a Fit Bit to log the distance. Seems to be working for me. I'm certain that it logs the ups and downs as i tracks stair flights too. 196 on that day. Roger-