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    Decal Giveaway

    Post a reply to this thread (keep it clean) and we will choose a "post number" tomorrow morning as the winner!
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    Tapatalk Now Available

    We have installed Tapatalk, version 5.0.1 and is now available. This is the latest version from Tapatalk and appears to be working accordingly. Read first: - If you are using the app already on your cell phone or template, you may need to clear the app's cache in order for the app to...
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    Syrup - Any recipes?

    I just received some NH Maple syrup this morning and was wondering what are some recipes that you will use with Maple syrup?
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    Facebook Fans!

    We are growing our Facebook Likes again with a $100 Gift Code Giveaway! You can click here to be taken to the contest and sign up. Be sure to share it on your Facebook wall! The faster we get to 30,00 Likes, the faster you will get to see if you are...
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    Server Change

    We have switched servers as of yesterday and if you are having any problems with uploading or changing anything, PLEASE let me know. You can email me at
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    Window Decals Coming Soon

    I had been discussing this recently and I got the go ahead to order some window decals. I will be ordering them within the next couple of days, so next week they should be in. I will post a picture just as soon as I can, it will be the logo that is at the top left. Had to scratch the free...
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    HC Photo to share on Facebook

    I put this together for all y'all.
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    I know a couple guys that are like Roger Raglin!

    Shoots the wrong one, two different times! "CLAP CLAP, wake up!"
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    Mystery Tackle Box

    Has anyone subscribed to this and received their first box? I just signed up and can't wait.
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    Log Cabin

    I forgot I had this in a box full of antiques. Thought those of you that make syrup might like it!
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    New 4-Wheeler, maybe.

    I was offered a 2000 Kawasaki Prairie 400 4x4 4-wheeler this weekend. He has all the paper work including maintenance receipts. It has just over 2,000 miles and runs just fine. It has one problem with the fuel line or carb. You have to turn of the gas when you park it or it will slowly leak...
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    Facebook Contest!

    We are giving away a DLC Covert MP6, Camolockbox and an 8GB SD card!
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    Random Database Issue 3/14-3/15

    Yesterday the server went down and was throwing a database error. It continued to escalate from there. There was no reason or rhyme. Joey and I got it fixed this morning and we are back in action. YEAH BUDDY!
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    Non-pneumatic tires? VIDEO

    I was reading about this at Field & Stream and I want to know more!
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    Ever seen these?

    I found these at a local ANTIQUE shop and when I saw the first one, I searched and found all he had. Logo on the bottom is stamped and has a castle...? Do you know what they might have been used for? You can hold them in the palm of your hand.
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    Weekend Photo Contest!

    Electric call up for grabs! I have a Primos Speak Easy electric call with a 40 yard remote that I opened to do a review on here at Wing Supply. I opened the package, put batteries in it, took it outside to test it and put together a review. It is still in it's opened packaging. Rules: 1...
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    If you only own 1 gun, own this 1

    Though certainly not intentional, this is the first thing Obama has done in five years to stimulate our economy. The line to get into the gun show near where I live this past weekend was a quarter mile long. Many people who have never even owned guns are among the throngs of new gun shop...
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    Proposed legislation could affect Migratory Bird Treaty Act

    While the goal of the bill is to strengthen national security, experts testified it could have much broader implications on the ability to manage federal lands for wildlife. Full Article HERE.
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    Opinions-770 7mm

    I am thinking of purchasing a Remington 770 7mm scope combo brand new for $279. What do you all think about that gun? I have never owned a 7mm rifle.
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    Fish Recipes: 15 Great Ways to Cook What You Catch

    Field & Stream shares their top favorite recipes for cooking fish. Fish Recipes: 15 Great Ways to Cook What You Catch