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    Classified Rules

    That's a good one, seems to work extremely well in the Hunting Logs and the Meat Pole threads!!!!;)
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    Heavy WV Deer

    Oh and BTW, nice big ole deer!!!!
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    Heavy WV Deer

    My oldest grandson is now a sophomore at West Virginia University!!!! What this means is that he can have his own rig down there and live off campus. What it really means barring scholastic achievement is that he has a place to store his bow, flyfishing gear and other personal items he couldn't...
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    All I can say is it's worth a listen. (Caution..... there's a few perfectly placed F-bombs in the song)

    I am my old man almost, a Korean Vet w/two purple hearts with the 2nd Div, 38th Inf Reg. Me having it easy in the Navy compared to him but still sacrificing 6 years of my life for the Red, White and Blue. I think I'll use my God given right to express my views on this song with one perfectly...
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    2020 Mass Deer Harvest Data
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    2020 NH Harvest Report
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    2019 NH Harvest Report
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    2019 Maine Deer Harvest Report
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    What do you drink after hunting?

    When at deer camp in Maine, Bud lights and Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey, lots of both!!!! Go to bed late almost every night, between 9-10 and get up early every morning at 4!!!! My hunting partner who is my best friend likes to drink Budweiser, other than that the rest is the same!!!!
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    Software update...... not a fan

    That ranks in the top 10 of best compliments I have ever received!!!! Might be higher if 'Can't remember shit' wasn't a prevailing factor!!!!
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    Software update...... not a fan

    Sarcasm???? What sarcasm???? Actually I didn't miss it Shawn, just didn't want my reaction score to go any lower by commenting!!!! I bet you didn't miss my sarcasm????
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    Software update...... not a fan

    I'm going John Wayne on you Mark!!!! "That'll be the day pilgrim!!!!"🤠 Bet you didn't know John Wayne always used four exclamation points as well!!!!;)
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    Just got back from Ohio

    That's what I thought Gary, just wanted to know for sure!!!! Thanks!!!!
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    What a weekend!**EDITED**

    A belated congrats to you on a fine deer Benny!!!! More importantly in the present time, CONGRATULATIONS, on winning the NH P&P Contest!!!!
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    Software update...... not a fan

    Shawn, we go through this update BS all the time at work!!!! I understand the need to update to a point, however what the technonerds don't understand is that I didn't grow up with this stuff and my learning curve is way different than theirs. What may come natural to them is a pain in the ass...

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