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    2020 Mass Deer Harvest Data
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    2020 NH Harvest Report
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    2019 NH Harvest Report
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    2019 Maine Deer Harvest Report
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    WMU L Antlerless Permit Lottery

    The sign up period for the L lottery ended yesterday, thought I would just remind everyone!!!!;):cool:
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    2018 NH Harvest Report

    And there you have it!!!!:cool:
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    2018 Hollis Hooligan

    So, because of commitments I did not know about for the 2018 season, I had to hunt close to home. While I did a few days in WMU K, my favorite and WMU L, an antlerless permit, both rifle country, which I really wanted to give a go, I was relegated to WMU M close to home as I needed to be on a...
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    2017 New and Improved Harvest Report

    Hickory dickory dock, this chick,;) er I mean, to The Maine IFW I did talk I said I was Bill and I wanted a clear deer kill and to my imperative they did not balk!!!! THE END!!!!
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    Maine Any Deer Permits 2018
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    2017 Harvest Report Map
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    2008/2017 NH P&P Bucks

    I told Travis earlier when he sent me the NH Plaque, that I would post my two P&P bucks when I received the mount back from the taxidermist, I am making good!!!! On the left side is the NH 2017 P&P Contest winner and on the right side is the NH 2008 P&P Contest winner!!!! The 6PTER on top is my...
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    2017 Vermont Harvest Report

    Here ya go Green Mt boys and girls!!!!
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    2017 NH Harvest Report

    For your viewing pleasure, have at it!!!!
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    WMU K Buck

    <p>Due to life I hadn't been out much bowhunting, a grand total of about 12 hours with three bucks and two does seen all stillhunting. No shots, 3 bucks on opening day bow in a field at last light and the two does a few weeks later that busted me way before I saw them. On to MLing, up at deer...
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    2016 Maine Deer Harvest
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    2017 Maine Antlerless Proposal
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    2016 NH Harvest Report
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    2016 Vermont Deer Harvest Report
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    2015 Maine Deer Harvest Report
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    2015 NH Harvest Report

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