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  1. BDB

    200" Muzzle loader buck in Kentucky

    I agree, the body doesn't look very big. Southern whitetails aren't that big body wise and this was after the rut as noted so he probably lost a bunch of weight. Hopefully for the locals he spread his genes to a lot of does! Amazing rack though.
  2. BDB

    200" Muzzle loader buck in Kentucky

    Wow, look at the height on this guy. What a buck!! Sorry if it's a dupe, I didn't see it posted here after a quick search but I haven't been on here much lately.
  3. BDB

    You have just won the lottery of 300 million. Where and what are you hunting next fall?

    I would plan a few weeks and head west to look for a trophy mule deer and elk. I'd have to spend time looking into what the options are and since I don't have points but do have 300million buying a hard to get tag would not be an issue. I wouldn't look for a slam dunk hunt, I'd want to work...
  4. BDB

    Arizona fully bans all trail camera assisted hunting.

    I like the cameras just to see what class of animals are around. I am 99% a bow hunter so I don't see getting a cell camera pic, grabbing all my gear, rushing to my hunting spot and stalking that deer. I like the cell cams so I don't have to go in and disturb an area checking the cards. Do I...
  5. BDB

    Small buck down

    Not a big deer by any stretch but this 4pt gave me too many chances this AM. This is a property that i have access too that they want all legal deer with a clean shot taken so i took him. 30 yard bow shot. Small rack but a nice heavy body for his age. He’ll eat well for sure. Still a few...
  6. BDB

    Cellular cameras

    Overall I like my Spypoints. I went for the low end ($99 at cabelas on sale) so I knew I was not going high end. The picture quality is not always the best but it's decent and as long as they have decent cell coverage they seem to work great. Just got 3 pictures of coyotes in the last hour as...
  7. BDB

    Cellular cameras

    I am running 4 of the cheap spypoints this year. 1 of them is in a spot with bad cell service. I sometimes get pictures but not always. Sometimes I walk by it and get a picture 4 hours later and sometimes I dont get a single pic for 1 week or more and then I show up to hunt and pull the SD...
  8. BDB

    My heaviest buck to date!

    Hell of a great buck, congrats!!! I hate bow hunting in the rain for that very reason (no blood trail). Glad to hear you found him!!!
  9. BDB

    Muzzleloader sale: NH seller to Mass buyer.

    It's not a firearm so nothing should be needed other than cash and ML from one person to another. I would personally do a bill of sale with the S/N included. Given I bought mine over the web from out of state and they shipped it to my house you are good to go.
  10. BDB

    11/2 afternoon hunt

    Congrats on a nice down and a great shot, I bed she didn't go far!!
  11. BDB

    Too damned hot!😡

    Good luck. That's the same load I use in my CVA Optima, well I use 100gr of Bblackhorn but it shoots great with the Barnes sabots.
  12. BDB

    Bullwinkle Bites the Dust

    Sounds like an awesome hunt, congrats on the bull and some great eating!!
  13. BDB

    First MA buck of the year

    Thanks all, I'll be back out tomorrow looking for a fatty doe :)
  14. BDB

    Archery buck - October 7, 2021

    Hell of a nice buck congrats!
  15. BDB

    2021 Maine September Moose Hunt: 802-603hunter

    Beautiful moose and an amazing story, congrats on it all!!! I loved the great write up and pics!!!
  16. BDB

    First MA buck of the year

    Bow season in MA. I basically hunt 2 town run programs which are bow only for the whole season. Now i have a bunch of doe tags to fill :)
  17. BDB

    First MA buck of the year

    Certainly not a big one but he gave me way too many chances and i couldn’t stop myself. 25 yards, double lung and he went about 75 yards before piling up. 6pt and my scale showed 105# dressed. He had a decent body, i thought it would be a little more but thats what the scale said. Shot him at...
  18. BDB

    Adirondack Giant.

    Absolute monster! Thanks for posting this!!
  19. BDB

    Buck Down

    Beautiful buck congrats!!
  20. BDB

    Too damned hot!😡

    Not only the heat but the mosquitos are brutal this year!

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