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    Any word from Dan, miss his NY hunts. Mike
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    Rem 7600 forearm annd magaziine release

    My older model Rem 7600 (which in new condition) is very difficult to release the forearm and magazine. The releases need a lot of pressure to depress. When my hands are cold I must use a piece of wood or plastic too depress them. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mike
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    How many of the Old Guys

    Been thinking: How many of the 2004/2005 guys are still here. The threads today are as good and interesting as ever, however I surely miss those 2004/2005 guys that have left for whatever reason. I often wonder where they are now.
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    Woolrich pants

    I have a pair of Woolrich red and black checked pants size 40. They are the short type with elastic cuffs. Pads on knees and butt. Been packed away for 40 years. One pocket needs a couple stitches. PM me if interested. Mike Anyone want them. They are going into the trash this weekend. I forgot...
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    Maine access/trespass posted methods

    I was informed years ago that a land owner could paint the boundary line trees in a certain manner that would serve as No Trespass just like posted signs. Anyone know if that is true? TKX, Mike
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    Rem 7600 reload

    I picked a very nice older Rem 7600 this year. The rifle looks practically new probably because I got it in NJ. Is anyone reloading 30.06 for the 7600? What powder and 150 gr and 180 gr worked best? Thanks, Mike
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    Hunting clothes for XXL Reg

    Hunting clothes for XXL Reg SOLD (1) PAIR CABELAS green wool bibs xxl Reg. SOLD Mike
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    Looks like it has started around here

    Saw my first action today. Right before dark a 6 or 8 pointer was running a doe for about 10 min. in the wheat field behind this house. A friend north of me said (2) 6 pointers were hounding a doe, quit for a little bit pushing each other around until a 10 pointer came out of the woods a run...
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    Bill,s Deer dope works

    Sunday morning I put Bill,s Licking Stick Gel and All season scent on a large bush 200 yards behind our house. About 1430 hrs. the wife is at the kitchen sink and says there is a deer stretching his neck up into the branch. Sure enough it was a cow horn spike working the branch. I never seen...
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    Headed for Ohio next Sunday

    Going to check my hunting area, set up my ground blinds, put out a couple cams. Also hoping to call in a very large coyote that hunts my area constantly. Then hit the shotgun season first week in Dec. My best friend "T' (White Schnauzer) helps me listening my hearing is gone(2 Hearing Aids). We...
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    Deer Sightings

    A doe with 3 little ones showed this week. That makes 7 fawns in the area behind our home. A real nice 8, one with 2 big knobs on each antler and a nice 6 have taken to hitting the soybeans in the afternoon. Deer flies must be bad because I am seeing more deer in the middle of fields during midday.
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    Munsungan Lake Fish and Game club - Status?

    Anyone know what is the status of the club since Jim Carter passed. I hunted with Jim for 2 years. He had the best evening North Woods stories. Those stories I will forever treasure.
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    First Lamb spotted from our back porch

    This morning we saw our first fawn of 2013. It was running around a couple of does which stood there watching it. It looked very healthy and larger than most. Going to put the trail cam out tomorrow maybe I can get a pic.
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    CWD IN Salem County

    Word is it is really bad. I had a dozen does and fawns feeding in the field behind the house. The last month I only see one large doe up until dark. My Spypoints are only showing one doe (not one Buck)at a time plus Coons going into the corn. Other guys are saying their cover crops are not being...
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    Trail Cam's To Buy

    Need some help with what to buy because my old units won't hold a charge. There are so many out it gets confusing. 1. Hold a charge or batteries for at least 4 months. 2. Light, Able to carry in a pocket. 3. IR and color. 4. Greatest...
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    Boondockjones ?????

    Does anyone remember Mark from Rome, NY (Star Hill)? I would like to contact him if you have any additional information. Tkx,Mike
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    Stormy Kromers on sale

    Cabelas has their Stormy Kromer hats on sale for $14.88 in the Bargain Barn.
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    NY Deer Trip

    I am off to Columbia County next week. I hope there is less pressure and the daytime movement is better. I like to still hunt and the tree standers get upset when you walk up on them. It is my first year hunting the area so I have no idea what to expect. (Non-resident $280.00 Rifle/MZ). Anyone...
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    Terry - XBOW Broadheads

    Terry, What weight broadhead are you using? The best I can determine is that a 100 grain will work well. I have started practice up to 20 yards and am impressed with my gruops. I always thought the XBow would be superior to a standard bow. I feel it is no better than or maybe equal my H/C...
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    It has started

    About 0900 hrs and eight pointer was walking in circles and figure eights around the field out back with his nose on the ground. As usual they have started to get serious on the first cold morning this fall. One of my hounds loose and the buck didn't even glance in the direction of the hound...

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