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    760 on tv

    There is a show on the outdoor channel called inside outdoors. The guy hunting deer is using a 760 carbine! You never see one on any of those shows.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone. God bless all
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    got one

    After it seems like forever dealing with the covid, I went out hunting yesterday morning. It was about 24 degrees. I had four layers on the bottom and five on the top. For whatever reason I can't seem to take the cold. Anyway at 7:25 a nice big doe stepped out. One shot at 122 steps dropped in...
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    Pa. bear season

    I'm sitting out this bear season here in Pa. still down with the covid. My buddies in potter county say it's very slow. Same thing around home here. We have an early muzzleloader season plus a senior season and an archery bear season. It seems the regular bear season is taking a back seat. I...
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    Pa. archery season

    So far I've only seen one legal buck. Saw five different bucks yesterday. One six point I have seen twice. Bleated him on monday. Rattled him in yesterday. Big deer , has the roman nose and pot belly. Must be an old guy in his decline. He isn't legal btw. Couldn't go today. A guy was supposed to...
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    roundnose bullets

    Just curious, how many of you guys use a round nose bullet?
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    loaded some 308's

    I had some time today to just take it easy.I was off, and it was raining so I didn'tgo bow hunting. Anyway I loaded up some 180 grain sierra roundnose bullets in my 308. I used 44.5 grains of 4064 powder in one group. It would be a passable hunting load but nothing to get excited about. Then I...
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    savage straight pull rifle

    Just wondering if any of you guys have seen the new savage straight pull rifle? kind of a neat idea, however I doubt that it is faster for repeating shots that a remington pump.
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    Stihl chainsaw

    I've been in the market for a new stihl 500i chainsaw. Here in western Pa. it is almost impossible to find. i have two dealers that are going to call me when and if they get any in. I was wondering what availability chainsaws are like in other parts of the country.
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    new bow

    I just ordered a new bear compound bow. It is the species ld. i have a 34 1/8 inch draw and I have a limited selection of bows to choose from. It will be in, in four weeks. Lot's of time for practice until bow season.
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    308 180 grain power points

    Have any of you guys used 180 grain ww power points in a 308 for deer. If you have, how did they do?
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    wool gloves

    Anyone know where I can get wool insulated gloves. Preferably 100 gram thinsulate or more.
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    I saw a link, and I apologize I don't know how to post it, that remington will soon be making guns again. First at the original plant in new york, and then in their other plant in georgia
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    Hornady 30 caliber 180 grain gmx

    I have a box of hornady 30 caliber 180 grain gmx bullets that I would like to swap for 30 caliber 180's lead core bullets
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    Hunting tomorrow

    I'm going out with the flinter tomorrow with a couple of friends, I would really like to get a deer. Need one for canning
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    Do any of you guys load 308? If you do, what load do you use. I'm trying to find a load with 180 grain bullets
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    new clip

    The clip I ordered from ebay came yesterday. It was in the original package. It said it would fit a model six, Also, it had remington dupont on it too. Must have been an old one. I find it hard to believe someone would have one laying around that long
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    I found a magazine for my rifle on ebay. The price was high, but they aren't being made right now. Anyways I have an extra one now.
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    remington demise

    I wonder if whoever it will be that makes remington firearms, will make the 7600 again? It just seems every rifle today id either a bolt action or something tactical. Everyone that sees my 7600 carbine in 308 wants one. I'm anxious to see what happens.
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    burris rt 6

    I was wondering if any of you guys have a scope with a lighted reticle on your 7600. I am considering the burris rt6.

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