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  1. Hoytman

    16.5 foot boat for sale

    2012 Alumicraft pro 165 25 Horse 4 stroke mercury motor Minnkota Trolling motor Easy load trailer Still has 3 year warranty left Boat has been on the water 3 times. Moms boyfriend decided its bigger than he wants. Super clean and looks brand new. $8500.00 or b/o Text or email for pictures...
  2. Hoytman

    Elite Bows

    Anyone tried one of the new Elite Energy bows? I recently won one at the Rinehart 100. All I can say is the thing is unbelievably quiet and smooth. And the hold at full draw is so nice. If your in the market to get a bow I highly suggest trying one. Ive always been a diehard hoyt fan. But now I...
  3. Hoytman

    Hoyt Vipertec

    Selling for a friend Hoyt Vipertec 26.5-29 inch draw 60-70 pound pull QAD rest 2 piece hoyt quiver Fuse sight Stabilizer Bows in great condition and shoots great. All you need are arrows and your ready $350
  4. Hoytman

    Freezer for sale

    Kenmore Freezer 47Hx24Wx26.5D Great freezer. Works great. Got bigger one so don't need it anymore. $100 if you pick up
  5. Hoytman

    badlands superday pack

    Have a badlands backpack for sale. Great condition. Lifetime warranty. Looking for $95 new they are 190
  6. Hoytman

    Another great season

    Well 2012 was a great year for me. I started the fall here in NH chasing a big ten point I been getting pictures of all summer. I had steady pics of him right up until 4 days before the season. Then he disappeared for a few weeks showing up only at night once in a while. Finally in early october...
  7. Hoytman

    Someone sent me message about my spot hogg sight and i deleted by accident.

    Whoever sent me message im sorry i deleted it. Pm me again please and i will answer you
  8. Hoytman

    The big ten is mine

    well after a month of chasing him around i finally caught up to the big ten . I have months of trail pictures to this deer. Just seems like everytime i wasn't there he was. But a week ago he got his days mixed up and took a G5 striker in the heart. :) New Hampshire 10 points 210 pounds dressed...
  9. Hoytman

    knight rifles

    Just wanted to give a thumbs up to knight rifles. I have a knight disc that really has never been a great shooter. Finally i decided it needed to be fixed or i was buying a new gun. So i sent it in to knight to have them shoot it. their gun guy Sam said best he could get was 3 inch group so he...
  10. Hoytman

    Video tree arm

    I am selling a barely used Hunter Cam Cradle HD camera arm with tree extension..Been used maybe 5 times. Have over $350 into it. Will sell for $200 or B/O Included some stock photos if need actual photos let me know and Ill take some.
  11. Hoytman

    pink muzzy broadheads

    I have 4 packs of 100 grain heads. Plus 2 sets of extra blades and tips. $70 for all.
  12. Hoytman

    Video Equipment

    I am selling my outdoor video equipment. What I have to sell is Canon GL1 Camera 3 Batteries Charger Rain Cover Wireless Mics XLR Pro box-(run multiple mics) Hunter Cam Cradle Tree arm (film yourself) All gear is in Very good shape and works great. No issues with the camera im just looking to...
  13. Hoytman

    2 down so far

    Got one in Vermont 20.5 Pounds 9 inch beard 3/4 &3/4 TC Pro Hunter One in NH 20.5 pounds 10 inch and 3 inch beards 3/4 and 1 inch beard Hoyt Maxxis
  14. Hoytman

    womens bow

    PSE Bow Madness XS Custom BowXperts pink/white string 40-50 pound draw weight 25-27 inch draw length HHA Sight Ripcord rest Stabilizer 10 Pink Victory arows $325
  15. Hoytman

    Good weekend in Maine

    Me and 3 buddies went to Maine last weekend. Ended up with 25 Moose antlers..
  16. Hoytman

    Nh sheds so far

    Here are some of the antlers i have found so far this spring
  17. Hoytman

    Knight Disc

    I have a Knight Disc for sale. Stainless barrel Realtree Hardwoods stock Guns in great shape. I just dont need it anymore. Any interest please PM me and I will get you a picture. Price is $275 for just the gun $375 with Nikon Siver Buckmaster 3-9x40 Only picture i have is with a deer right now.
  18. Hoytman

    Youth or womens bow

    Hoyt Trykon sport for sale. 25-28.5 inch draw 40-50 pound pull Sights. Stabilizer and 6 arrows. Bow never seen woods. Looks brand new. $250. Email at [email protected]
  19. Hoytman

    NH Bear Hunt video

    If anyone wants to watch clip of my bear hunt go to the photobucket link
  20. Hoytman

    Buck #2

    Well I finished up my archery season a little early this year. Guess the giant will have to wait til Muzzleloader :elmer: Got this one friday evening in the pouring rain. 160 Pound 10 point

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