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    Moose hunt

    A familiar name appears in the success column. Not mine though.
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    Social Security scam.

    I got a phone call , usully I let the answering machine take them. This time I answered. Guy on the other end, " is this social security ?". I tell him he has the wrong number. He says he got a call from my number saying it was from S.S. The guy was in Seatle . pretty weird
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    How can I edit a post after posting ?
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    Lock down

    As of 8 o'clock tonight all nonessential businesses have to close due to covid 19. I was surprised to see that retailers of guns and ammo are considered essential. Liquor stores too.
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    Bad primers ?

    Made the change from 777 to Blackhorn 209. Went to the range to check zero. First few shots were good. 4th. shot click. The primer fired but not the powder. Tried another primer gun fired. Next shot was a hang fire. Pulled the breech plug and cleaned. Next shot another hang fire. This was with...
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    Archery opener

    Private land archery deer season starts tomorrow. Anyone going out ?
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    Cocking device.

    A rope cocking device came with the bow. It's o.k., but I think it would be difficult to cock the bow in a tree stand. Anyone have experience with the crank type devices?
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    Bought a bow today.

    I bought a Barnett Ghost 410. A local shop took it in on a trade. It looks like it was never used. Came with 7 bolts and a soft case. I shot Excaliber ,PSE ,and a Mission Sub 1. The mission was quiter but $1700 was more than I wanted to spend. The quiver mounting bracket was missing. I called...
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    Flourocarbon vs. Mono.

    Do you think using flouro increases your sucess ? When flouro first hit the market it was claimed to be invisible in the water. If that was true 50 lb. test would work as well as 4 lb. test. I use mono and flouro leaders and can't say one gets more bites than the other. This is in saltwater...
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    Browning trail cam

    I got some gift cards for fathers day so I used them to buy a trail camera. I bought a Browning Strike Force HD Pro and 32 g sd card from Basspro. Pretty easy set up. I put it on a tree facing my driveway and it's working o.k. Today I ordered the Bone view card reader directly from Bone View...
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    S.d. card reader.

    What's a good one. Are the ones that plug into a phone any good. I have an Android S6, I like the idea of a small pocket size reader.
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    Moultrie trail cam

    Any input on the Moultrie M-40 i ? I've never used a trail cam but thought I might try to get a pic of Bigfoot.
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    Saw a news report that a hunter was shot and killed in Great Barrington ,Mass. yesterday. He was participating in a youth hunt. No other details , didn't say if it was mistaken i.d. or accidental discharge.
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    760 /7600 clips.

    Are the clips interchangable ?
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    Hornady Super Performance Ammo

    I'm not a big fan of Hornaday , but I was given a partial box (16 rounds) of super performance 200 gr. 35 Whelen ammo. I tried it out today. From the bench at 100 yards my first 2 shots were touching ,on center but about 2 " low. I adjusted the scope up 8 clicks , the 3 rd. shot was dead center...
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    Winchester Longbeard XR 2

    Got out last friday for the first time this season. I've been using 3" Federal Premium 2 oz. #5's for a long time but it seems like they aren't available anymore. I picked up a box of XR 1 3/4 oz. 5's. Shot 2 toms , 35 and 40 yard shots, the XR's really put the smackdown on them.
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    Ethics scenario

    This scenario actually happened a few years ago. I was in a stand about 20' off the ground. The tree was on a knoll , in total I was probably 35' above the ground in front of me. Four does came through moving from left to right. They were just picking their way along. I waited to see if a buck...
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    Hunting tragedy.

    Two duck hunters died saturday morning when their boat capsized. Three men were in the 16 ft. boat , the survivor made it to shore. The accident occured in Mumford cove , between Groton Long Pt. and Bluff Pt coastal reserve. The victems were 31 and 33 years old.
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    Leupold Q.D. bases.

    I had a bad experience yesterday. I have the quick detachable base on my 7600. I missed 2 shots at a coyote yesterday morning, he was moving pretty fast through some brush so I didn't think to much of it. About 45 minutes later I caught some movement out at about 100 yards, I could see enough to...
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    Blackhorn Question

    I'm having a hard time finding magnum primers. Do you really need them ?

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