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  1. 257Roberts

    Wolf evidence found in Maine

    I really had to laugh about the part where they see the coyote hunters out there in the morning, with their rifles….. please….. As bad as the woman in Dracut that posted a photo of a woodchuck and advised it was a badger
  2. 257Roberts

    2021 Second Chance Buck

    The last Friday of muzzleloader I was sitting in the warm sun of my tree stand, trying to stay awake, about 1:45. I had just dozed and snapped awake, like when you’re not sure if you slept for 10 seconds or ten minutes! Anyway a bit of adrenaline was pumping and I was wide awake again! Maybe...
  3. 257Roberts

    taxidermy advice
  4. 257Roberts

    Coyote activity?

    for about the last week Ive had coyotes yapping day and night in the area? lived here for 11 years and hear them on a semi regular basis, always at night, but this activity is unprecedented, no idea why?? are others also seeing this activity increase? if they show their faces, goodnight!!!
  5. 257Roberts

    Got my 2019 Nh 175# 9 pointer back!

    Who did the mount? Just curious
  6. 257Roberts

    Trolling Rod's Reel's & Line

    For winnipesaukee salmon and rainbows why overthink rod and reel?? The bigger the rod and heavier the reel just make the fish feel smaller.....I troll a fly rod 8’, 6wt, with either sinking line, or spooled with lead core, and the spinning rod, 61/2 foot ugly stick, with a traditional Mitchell...
  7. 257Roberts

    Trolling Rod's Reel's & Line

    Tie on one color of lead core line, then a tiny quality barrel swivel (ball bearing type) and 30’ of 6lb fluorocarbon leader, let out the lead core and another 20 feet or so of line, it’ll troll about 6’ down, perfect for early season fish. You can also attach the lead core to your reel line by...
  8. 257Roberts

    2021 moose lottery

    I’m happy he did, I wish he’d have hunted here😩
  9. 257Roberts

    Firearms permit

    I believe that Kittery closed the small office over the border in Portsmouth a couple yrs ago....
  10. 257Roberts

    Lakes Region Bachelor Party

    Pemigewasset gun club in holderness Looks like 45 minutes from gilford
  11. 257Roberts

    Northern Maine's Deer Herd

    I hate to Bash Maine, but I gave up hunting in Maine, the locals HATE people from away and as soon as deer season approaches the no hunting signs go up.......even my buddies place the we hunted, the area around kept shrinking and shrinking to the point that I said, F Maine, I wont even fish...
  12. 257Roberts

    2021 moose lottery

    I was commenting on NH, I gave up on Maine a long time ago.....
  13. 257Roberts

    2021 moose lottery

    so those three moose hung out there until it was dark, I was enjoying watching them for 20+ minutes, then it got to darkness, so dark I could barely see them using my binoculars, even at 40 yards, I could just make out shadows, then the bull walked up hill towards me to the left, I could hear...
  14. 257Roberts

    New Hunters - Adversaries or Threats?

    should have left him alone and met up with him with a green jacket in tow....I agree, lots of idiots in the land has been posted since I had a couple of carloads park, block a road, hunt within a chip shot of my house, and then grumble at me when ten years since I've...
  15. 257Roberts

    2021 moose lottery

    From my food plot stand, late in the deer season, unit K, only one moose permit drawn here, more moose seen than deer this year, this was a cow , calf and bull.....GRRRRRRR!
  16. 257Roberts

    What rifle will you be using this year?

    Remington 722, in the obvious caliber.....

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