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    Any 760/7600’s for sale?

    You'll pay top dollar and maybe a little more for anything on Gunbroker that's in descent shape. Kind of late to start your search now that it's 'prime time'. You'd do better to wait until after Christmas and start checking the local gun stores, business tend to slow down for rifles in the dead...
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    Not a full Russell Report 2019

    Nice buck congrats. Very glad to hear the surgery on young Jase went well.
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    Chinese Virus

    Living in the center of the containment area, so we are self quarantined. Cabin fever setting in! My wife and I are 72 and 73 so we aren't taking any chances. The first victom that started this here in New Rochelle lives over 4-5 streets away.
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    If you could only have ONE big game rifle?

    For me, my Rem 760 pump in .30-06 shooting Rem. 165 PSP, 180 SP or 180 PSP Core-lokts. Covers just about everything in the lower 48.
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    Trijicon 3x9x40

    $500 is a lot for a used scope that is probably out of warranty. Check out the price for a new one which will have a warranty.
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    Prayers for Russellbro family

    So sorry to hear this sad news. Prayers sent for young Jase and the entire family.
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    Congrats to you and your boys, sounds like a super season, lots of time spent together and a lot of memories, and I'm sure a few laughs.
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    2019 Maine Buck

    Nice .... Congrats.
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    Personal best ADK buck

    Congrats on an awesome buck.
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    4 Sale Williams Peep Sight for Rem. 760

    New in package never mounted, $30 shipped. Send pm if interested, thanks for looking.
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    .30-30 Bullet Choice Question

    To the .30-30 whitetail hunters out here, what is a better factory loaded weight bullet for whitetail, 150 or 170? Have my eye on a Marlin Model 30 with a short magazine tube and after all my years hunting deer I have absolutely zero hands on experience with the .30-30 caliber. Thanks for your...
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    4 Sale Williams Guide Receiver Sight for Rem 760/742

    Brand new never mounted. $25.00 shipped. Send pm if interested. Thanks.
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    WTS Stock For Rem 700 ADL Long Action

    Stock was originally on 700 LA 30-06 with a blind magazine. Stock is in excellent condition with one mark by the rear swivel stud. Send a pm with your cell # and I'll send you some pics.
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    .300 SAV Ammo 4 Sale

    7 full boxes of Rem. 180 grn. SP Core-lokts. These were discontinued several years back so I'm bought what I could find. No longer have the gun so no point to hang on to this ammo. $30 per box, $200 if you take all 7 boxes. Send pm if interested. Thanks.
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    NY Southern/Western Zone Opener

    Good luck to all heading upstate for the gun season opener. Looking forward to the post hunt pics and stories. NY Hunter
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    WTT - Rem. 308 Ammo

    Looking to trade, even up, new Remimgton .308 Win 180 grn. Core-Lokt SPRN for Remington .308 Win 180 grn. Core-Lokt Pointed SP. I have 2 .308's and neither of them like the SPRN load and I can't find the 180 grn. PSP ammo anywhere. I have tried a lot of other mftg/loads to no avail. The Rem...
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    Semi-Auto Rifles in Pa.

    Just read an article in American Hunter where Pennsylvania may permit Hunting with Semi-Auto Rifles and Air Rifles. I guess Pa is finally taking a step into the 21st Century. Would really like to see them lift the restriction on Sunday hunting.
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    WTS .308 Win. Ammo

    I have several new full boxes of Rem Core-Lokt 180 grn. SP round nose ammo for sale. $22 per box plus actual shipping. Interested parties please send PM, thank you.
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    2015 Preliminary Harvest Numbers

    NYSDEC is estimating that the number of deer taken in the Northern zone will be down 13% and down 11% in the Southern zone from the 2014 harvest numbers. The 2015 actual numbers are still being tallied.
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    Anyone hear from Roy lately? I spoke with him just before the Maine Deer season but haven't seen him post anything for awhile. Hope all is well!

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