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    The Grapevine says that NH is going 100% online deer registrations next year

    Ct. has had call in or digital registration for quite a few years. It's o.k. Also you print your tags, you can print as many as you want. In my opinion it makes it to easy to abuse the system.
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    Fiber optic front sight for 7600 and 760?

    Had fiber optics on a muzzle loader, the front sight lasted about one day. To fragile for me.
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    Do you believe in Bigfoot ?

    I don't think it would work , bigfoot seems to avoid humans.
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    Wuflu got me…

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    Wuflu got me…

    Where am I calling anyone an anti ?
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    760 on tv

    Same manufacture year as mine. I mounted a Redfield widefield 1.75 x 5 on mine.
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    Wuflu got me…

    I reread my post and didn't see where I called anyone an anti, just spinning his theory. Of course the vaccine isn't without adverse side affects , nothing is 100 % safe. The t. v. commercials for medicines spend half the time listing all the possible side affects. Some people can die if they...
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    Rocky mountain stalker pro boots

    I've had a couple pairs of Rockys , both leaked.
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    Wuflu got me…

    Interesting theory. The same pychosis/ hypnosis theory could also apply to antivaxxers. People tend to believe info that agrees with their ideas.
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    Arizona fully bans all trail camera assisted hunting.

    It's like turkey hunters say " roosted ain't roasted."
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    Arizona fully bans all trail camera assisted hunting.

    I was thinking off my porch.
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    Arizona fully bans all trail camera assisted hunting.

    I've been using cams for 2 years. The only thing I learned from them was to buy a spotlight if you want to shoot a deer.
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    Rangefinder suggestions

    I have a Nikon , no negative issues.
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    Happy New Year

    I hope everyone has a healthy and prosperous 2022 !
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    Wuflu got me…

    My daughter is a respiratory therapist. A big part of her job is taking care of covid patients on ventilators. All of her very sick patients are unvaccinated. So maybe people should be more proactive in getting vaccinated. .
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    Percussion Caps

    Those Dynamite Nobels always worked well.
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    New Rossi and 1939 Winchester 71 in .348

    I had a 71with a peep sight. I hunted with it a few times but it was to heavy. I traded it on a Ruger 77 ultralight 308.
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    Wuflu got me…

    Xbolt I don't know where you're getting that info about Pfizer employies. I know a lot of them and they're all vaccinated. I live 7 miles from Pfizers research center in Groton , Ct .
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    760 on tv

    I got lucky , bought a 1954 5 diamond 300 Savage for $300 . It had a 2.5 power scope the brand name was China. At least it had Weaver bases and rings .
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    Congratulations on a great hunt. Can't imagine back in the day using a flintlock and your life depended on it.

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