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  1. bassface


    Easily my favorite Holiday of the year. I am very thankful for a lot. Friends, Family etc etc. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Hope everyone has a great Holiday!
  2. bassface

    Success in MA

    On Wednesday morning I had the best day afield I think I may have ever had. I saw 6 deer from my stand after having seen very few this whole season. I managed to put a nice buck on the ground to boot! Full story (LONG) is in my Hunting Log Here's a picture for those not wanting to sit through...
  3. bassface

    Stoughton ConCom meeting about hunting

    I am giving a short presentation to the Stoughton ConCom tonight on a separate subject but when I looked at the agenda the last thing listed was entitled: Hunting on land under the Care Custody and Control of the Conservation Commission I have no idea what it is about but I plan on stickin...
  4. bassface

    Fishing Trip 2012

    Heading back to Lake of the Woods tomorrow morning. Hopefully the musky will be at it again this year. I will put up the usual round of pictures with some stories upon our return.
  5. bassface

    Stripers near the Habah

    Stripers are back! Probably been back for a bit actually but this was really the first time I could get out and give it a go on the canoe. Saturday evening the wife and I caught 4 and lost as many so we decided to go back in the AM. It was very cold out and we only managed 2 but one was a...
  6. bassface

    Open Water??

    Anyone been drivin around and know if there is open water in SE Mass? Thinkin of takin the canoe for a spin this weekend with the temps up again.
  7. bassface

    Good Luck Shotgunners

    Good luck to everyone who is heading out in the morning. Regardless of whether you are toting around the shotty a ML or still stickin with the bow I hope everyone has a good hunt. Stay safe boys
  8. bassface

    Big Bear in PA

    My buddy sent me this link and I figured I would share. I had no idea that got this big
  9. bassface


    So close on a doe this morning. 11 hours on stand and one deer seen and no shots...gonna get "sick" next week I think. Congrats to those who have scored!
  10. bassface

    I choked

    small buck at 10yds perfect broadside and I couldn't even get a shot off....turns out I apparently get buck fever. Damn it! I have been slackin on my log this year. If I find time I will put the whole story in there. I just needed to vent.
  11. bassface

    Pant Question

    Anyone know of a line of camo pants, outerwear, that have 3/4 or full zip legs? Ideally I am lookin for Fullzip, softshell or fleece in Realtree AP. I sweat like crazy and having vent options is what I am lookin for.
  12. bassface

    Pics from my bud in NY

    Friend o mine got a camera earlier this year and got these this week. Thought I would share. I found this spot for him and now he gets to reap the rewards :)
  13. bassface

    What should I be looking for

    Here is my dilemma. In 90% of the areas I hunt there are zero acorns this year. I have one spot that has some beech nuts but I have no idea what will be left by the time the season rolls around. I am having a hard time identifying food sources right now. Is there anything I should be looking...
  14. bassface


    Thanks for that log! I read through a bunch of it the other day and really enjoyed it. Keep it coming.
  15. bassface

    Kiawah South Carolina

    Leaving on Saturday for Kiawah Island SC. Going to visit the fam and celebrate my Dad's 80th Bday. In between birthday partying and the family thing I have a kayak on standby and all sorts of saltwater species on the brain. I will post pics on my return. Species sought after: redfish...
  16. bassface

    Hunting Clear Cuts

    They aren't really clear cuts but something more selective. That is all I could come up with for a title though. I have this new spot that I checked out tonight that I think could be really good but I know zero about how to go about hunting it. Here's the scenario. Former chunk of woods with...
  17. bassface

    Bassface's Fishing Log

    For organizational purposes I think it is best that I try and keep the fishing log and the hunting logs separate. Without further ado here we go.... Fishing Trip 2011 Destination: Lake of the Woods Dates: July 7-16 Attendees: Husky Jerk, Botch, CASI, Hollywood, Dutch, JoePa, Da Judge and...
  18. bassface

    Lotw 2011

    Leaving Thursday for the annual fishing trip. Heading back to Lake of the Woods again this year. It's musky or bust this year I think. I will post some pics and hopefully some video when I get back. I think I will start this years log back up with this trip when I get back too.
  19. bassface


    Are back in Boston! Went on Saturday and managed 8 out of the canoe. Only one was keeperish. Didn't have a tape though. Watched what would have been my personal best miss a 10" sluggo right at the side of the canoe too. It only gets better from here.
  20. bassface

    Knot Question

    Over the winter I have been fascinated much more than usual with saltwater fishing. Mostly the inshore stuff in the carribean and the Keys and some light offshore species but fascinated nonetheless. Last night I randomly decided to learn how to tie a Bimini twist, which I hear about all the...

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