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    CCI 500 Small Pistol Primers

    Can't find these in ma!,,,Any NH Places carry these? Need a box of 1000,,,reloading supply's are hard to come by in ma wtf!,:mad:
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    44 mag brass

    Need some 44 brass ..anyone have some for$$$$.. Thks!
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    Any updates on NH Deer Take

    Was wondering how the deer harvest was going so far in NH! So many Monsta's in maine hitting the dirt this year!
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    Marlin lever .44 mag

    Found one .…:)..
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    WTB Marlin 30/30

    If you have a nice used Marlin 30/30 ( JM ) Stamped!,,:) That You Want To Sell..I have $400 cash 24/7.. :cool:
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    Gun shops

    Any gun shops in NH or ME have any good stock of 30/30's.. KitteryTradingpost had a few any other places to check out? Are the new 336 that bad?
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    Best 30/30

    I have a 35 rem, looking for a 30/30 , I want to use it with just the iron sights. No scope! Do I go marlin 336 or Winchester ? Your thoughts!,
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    Glock 42?

    Looking for a glock 42!!!. Anyone have one they want to sell or trade? I have a Hoyt alpha max 32 mint! To trade or cash!, let the wild man know!,, can't believe you have to be a officer to buy a new glock!, boy does MA Suck!,,:mad:
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    Jimmy G??

    If he is ok and he go's 4-0... Do you go with him the rest of the way or a Does a Brady just step right back in? Tough one if jimmy can play like this, I like him, better arm than Brady! Can move and run out of the Pocket, just needs more time playing ! This kids a GEM!,,
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    Daltech belly band

    Any use one of these to carry? Are they comfy?
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    Wild bill's

    Hello all, I have to follow the rules on this board! I will not be posting anything on selling or advertising my lure! I want to thk all of you, it started off with a hobby but has grown into a bit more, you know where to find it, but I can't post about selling and I understand ! Be well, and...
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    Pistol safe?

    What's a good pistol safe for my bedroom? I don't have children, I do have my rifle safe , but I want a something I can just come home put my pistol away not in my dresser draw!, I need it to have a key access just in case i have a brain fart and can't remember the combo..:). What do you all...
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    All 4 scents!,

    All 4 of my Deer scent's will be aval starting next week! Licking branch gel, All Season lure, Rutlure, And my Doe n Heat!, PM Me if interested!! Thk you bill
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    Sold out!

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    Last call for juice!

    If you ordered already your ok!, if you want scent from this first round act now!,,supply is low!, thks bill
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    Got some good mail today !!! LTC Class A No Restrictions!!!. 4 weeks in hand not bad!!!
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    August 24th

    Licking branch gel, and my New bow Season Juice will be ready!, bill
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    Spray or squeeze?

    Just thought I'd ask this, Wild bill's scent will be a go again this year. End of August , spray or squeeze bottles? Spray are a bit more but lots of emails and PM's asking for spray . Your thoughts .bill:duck:
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    WTT.. Covert mp-E5

    Looking for a RCBS Beam Scale 505..used in good working order! Covert mpE5 for trade NEW IN BOX!, will trade for ohaus or RCBS ,, 505!!!.. :cool:
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    Nh non resident pp

    Did I read right nh non resident pistol permit is $20?. I travel a lot threw nh and hunt a lot in nh .. Would these be good reasons to put down on the app for reasons wanting my non res permit?..I'm a masshole,,:cool:

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