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  1. groundtender

    Wolf evidence found in Maine

    Good on you NH H. Too your point about encouraging us to participate locally, many years ago I learned that just one or two knowledgeable and passionate individuals can have a big influence on how local decisions turn out. This goes as well for decisions made in committee in state legislatures.
  2. groundtender

    First week shotgun season report

    L2 - Great report, thanks. I have done a fair amount of research and was fortunate enough to get a district wildlife manager on the phone who filled me in, and a hunting friend who lived in Montague for 25 years before recently retiring to Fla. I hope to get there for MZ, but you know how that...
  3. groundtender

    Covid-19 in deer?

    NH Hunter … I was not in any way insulted or feeling disparaged by anything you said. I just was using the term “sucker” loosely I guess. Happy hunting my friend.
  4. groundtender

    Wolf evidence found in Maine

    Glowa… credibility. If he gets his wolves, next he’ll want grizzly bears
  5. groundtender

    Covid-19 in deer?

    I guess I’m a sucker. Gotten both shots plus booster. Glad my parents had me vaccinated for small pox, and polio to name a couple. I had a good friend that got polio as a very young boy in the 1950’s. Braces on his legs and crutches all his short life. He passed away at age 40. That said, I am...
  6. groundtender

    Parker650 2021 Season - The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

    Man alive, it doesn’t get any better than that! Congratulations to Jayden and all of you. And with an 88 to boot! Great gun to go with whole story
  7. groundtender

    Just picked up first 2 rifles in a long time

    Cam- Please do not attempt putting any round in the magazine that is not specifically the cartridge indicated in the stamp on the barrel. You are over thinking it. There are lots of different 7mm or .284 caliber cartridges. For safety sake consider them not interchangeable. Very dangerous.
  8. groundtender

    Just picked up first 2 rifles in a long time

    I’ll bite….gotta look up DNZ Game Reapers!
  9. groundtender

    Western Mass deer hunting

    Part 2 - Just looked up stuff on Mass Wildlife Dept site. MZ season starts Dec 13. NR license is reasonable at $94.00. I will do more research on public lands, etc. Thanks again
  10. groundtender

    Just picked up first 2 rifles in a long time

    Figures the “expert” at Cabelas didn’t know the answer. All I know is I want the scope to be as low as possible to the receiver/ barrel.
  11. groundtender

    Western Mass deer hunting

    Lester - Haven’t done anything about it, but it sounds like I should. I have heard that the muzzleloader season there is a lot of fun too. Good luck on your hunt, and thanks again.
  12. groundtender

    2021 Maine Trip

    A dusting, could just make out tracks
  13. groundtender

    2021 Maine Trip

    Not a real fan of mz week, but it looks like I’ll get back to WMD 3 for a few more days. Have to keep trying, and take advantage of the mz permit that comes with my old fart license
  14. groundtender

    2021 Maine Trip

    Wow on the pic of the bear! Too bad about conditions. Free advice is worth what you pay for it, and you probably know this. My experience on noisy ground was to move faster than I normally would have (pre-bad knees). Last good buck I shot this way was with doe and turned around to see what was...
  15. groundtender

    Maine Hunting Report

    . Well said!
  16. groundtender

    Jackman 3rd Week

    Great report, sounds like a good week. At 70, I have to admit that the social side of a week in deer camp has become the most important part to me
  17. groundtender

    two seventy four

    Incredible! Congratulations
  18. groundtender

    Superpack doe

    Excellent. Nice big doe. Great pics
  19. groundtender

    Big Buck

    What Bob said. You did the right thing I believe, just didn’t work out. I don’t think “quick drawing” a deer works.
  20. groundtender

    2021 Maine Hunt

    Good luck

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