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    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all you guys ! :Enjoy the day ,enjoy your families and to those traveling please go slowly and be safe.It's not your driving that you have to worry about , it's the idiots driving who's coming up on your tail at 90 mph that you gotta watch for !.
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    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

    Don't forget the classic song " The second week of deer camp " 😋
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    Firearms deer - 11/12/21

    Very nicely done Sir.Top notch buck skillfully taken and followed by an excellent write up 👍👍.
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    MDIFW Warning

    🤔 Ok , here's my thing .Don't eat Fairfield venison because it has " FOREVER chemicals " in it , BUT if you shot a Fairfeild deer this year , we will give you two tags next year !. Ummmmm....... Excuse me , so the term " Forever " now constitutes 11 months ?.And to make it worse , we can shoot 2...
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    Maine Hunting Report

    For the record D , I bitch about everything .......It keeps me young 😉
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    two seventy four

    Friggin Aye !. Well done Sir .I am actually speechless. There are'nt words so I'll just stand in silent awe.Guess I'll tuck my little guy in a closet.Good ride cowboy !.
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    2021 Maine Meat Pole

    Congratulations , nice late season deer !.Should be nice and tender !
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    Big Racker taken today in the rain.

    Great deer , should keep a smile on your face for awhile .Did you happen to ask him if he was vaccinated before you shot him ?.😋
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    Big Buck

    Would have , should have , could have's the deer hunters mantra !. You did everything right and it didn't pan out , don't beat yourself up.We have all been there , the " if I had just done X instead of Z " or " why did the deer turn left instead of right ? ".The answer to these are...
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    Another Poacher Bagged

    Hang em high , me says ! 😁
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    2021 Maine Buck

    I wasn't here for this one ,so I'll say well done Sir now .
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    My heaviest buck to date!

    Shawn .... I tip my hat to you Sir !.Congratulations on a seriously monster mother of a buck !. I hunted 30 years around Upton , Blackstone , and Bellingham and NEVER saw anything close to that beast. I now live in Maine and will tell ya , finding one to beat him even up here will be a...
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    2021 Maine Buck

    Seriously , an out standing buck ! . My 8 pointer was only 170 and not even close on mass as your deer. I don't feel cheated but you should take pride in that bad boy !.Congratulations on a hunt well done sir.
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    First Successful solo still hunt

    Congratulations Benny on a very nice deer. I am also primarily a sit and stalk hunter and have been know to sit in one spot 4 or 5 hours.Oddly , as I have gotten older , I am more apt to get up and the brush in the late morning hours as the deer tend bed.Most guys that I know were brush puppies...
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    What did you see?

    I have to admit Long ,that the thought of bashing it against a tree did cross my mind.😋
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    What did you see?

    Sorry Mow , it's a semi 5 round clip.
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    What did you see?

    It's a Remington 30.06
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    What did you see?

    will try and do so , I don't have a computer so have to figure out how to download em.
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    Maine Hunting Report

    I found the first week that vitually nothing moved in the day light hours and the only deer that I saw where bedded in the middle of a patch of pucker brush ( thorn bushes for Massachusetts folk ) .The second week was a totally different story ,with the arrival of cold nights , the deer went...
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    Maine Hunting Report

    Keep praying cause the 10 day forcast is not looking promising.

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