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  1. Dirigoboy

    Chest or hip carry holster

    Ask a question and you'll get plenty of feedback and this is mine.. Whether it's leather, kydex or some other product, as in all things, it's based on financial pain tolerance and predilection I suppose. Personally, I prefer hanging things off my shoulders vs. my waist in that regard. I...
  2. Dirigoboy

    Wolf evidence found in Maine

    ......trying to decide if this one trumps an article I read on the invasive Bradford Pear Tree, which smells like rotten fish and capable of choking out native trees. Some states are apparently offering bounties on them.... Decisions, decisions
  3. Dirigoboy

    Food For Thought

    I'm still hunting as are many of you I suspect, and tonight I came across a well written article from Trib Live, authored by Bob Frye entitled, "Forget Waiting For Them, Here's How To Successfully Track Deer." I took a chance and read it and found it thought provoking and a good read, so I...
  4. Dirigoboy

    two seventy four

    What an impressive buck. These are the ones you dream of.
  5. Dirigoboy

    MDIFW Warning

    This first came to light in my area when, a dairy farmer (who I worked for at one time) had accepted this same type of sludge, which he spread on his fields being told it was a-okay. Well, it wasn't. It was covered by Bangor Daily News this past June. Maine farmers get little help cleaning up...
  6. Dirigoboy

    MDIFW Warning

    Just got this in an email last night from the State about deer in the Fairfield area. Pleasant.:confused: Do not eat deer advisory issued for greater Fairfield area Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, in conjunction with the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention...
  7. Dirigoboy

    Hornady FPB's

    Thanks for the intel. Did a search and found one for my Triumph.
  8. Dirigoboy

    Hornady FPB's

    I've been using these for several years now and like them. Use use the 300 gr. rounds. The ONE thing I do find annoying though, is that every time I drive one of these suckers home, the flex tip comes out with my rammer. Anyone else experience that? I've yet to come up with a solution....I...
  9. Dirigoboy

    Here's to you Mum

    I lost my Mum this afternoon up at the Veterans Home in Scarborough. She was 97. She had a full life. She was a Bates grad, served in the Marine Corps during WWII, stationed at Camp Pendleton. Full of life right to the end, and we all had, had a great visit just yesterday with family coming...
  10. Dirigoboy

    If you could only have ONE big game rifle?

    that shotgun may be why I flinch occasionally come to think of it.:sneaky:
  11. Dirigoboy

    If you could only have ONE big game rifle?

    If I'd only known. I've got an old Harrington/Richardson full choke, single shot 12 ga. top-break shotgun my father bought off an old dairy farmer back in the '50's when he was the York County extension agent. Father said the farmer said he'd shot quite a few deer with it out around the...
  12. Dirigoboy

    To My Military Brothers

    First off, though late, Semper Fidelis to my fellow Marines on this site, or those who stop by to cruise this site, and to those who have served in our other branches of the military, I wish you all the best as one Vet to another, regarding Veterans Day tomorrow. Thank you all for your service.
  13. Dirigoboy

    How much gear to you carry during deer season?

    Trying to decide which is more rare......a woman posting here or shooting a buck in Maine. Nice looking last year's deer.
  14. Dirigoboy


    Geez, what awesome photos. In all my years of hunting the only cat I ever saw in the woods was a bobcat, which I thought was pretty awesome, but these two are pretty spectacular. Thanks for posting them.
  15. Dirigoboy

    If you could only have ONE big game rifle?

    Tough question. I have a T/C Icon Classic in .300 Win Mag that I love, but if I had to choose only one, the realistic side of me would probably say the Bergara B-14 in .308 that I recently bought. With a composite stock, 22" barrel and topped with a Leupold 3x9x40, it's lighter than any of my...
  16. Dirigoboy

    What did you see?

    This past Friday and Saturday, I saw two does and two skippers on Friday, and a Doe Saturday night. I opted out, since the season is still new in hopes of a buck. I do have a doe permit, and can muzzle load to 12/6, so I'm going to hold out hope that I'll come across a buck before then. If...
  17. Dirigoboy

    The Hunting Public

    Hey man, that's awesome. Don't be afraid to post a few more photos about your set up. I got lost watching the video at the beginning so I'd like to know more about this. What maker are you using for your saddle, and does it come with the ropes or do you buy those separate.
  18. Dirigoboy

    Universal hand sign for help

    I learned something new this morning while reading an on-line piece about an underage girl who was abducted from this 60-something North Carolina man whom the girl was riding with. She flashed a motorist the hand sign for "help," and they said it saved her life. He was trailed by the motorist...
  19. Dirigoboy

    2021 Maine Meat Pole

  20. Dirigoboy

    Rifle I.D.???

    Just wanted to resurrect this thread briefly. I have several '03's and love their style, and smooth bolt action. One of the things often overlooked with the war time Springfields that is a common mistake today is using modern loads that aren't designed for them. One of the common loads is the...

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