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  1. NoDeerHere


    Wow that sure was exciting. You took me along on that hunt. Why did the Wolf not fire?
  2. NoDeerHere

    NJ Opening Day Gun

    Big congratulations to the wife. Very nice buck!
  3. NoDeerHere

    NJ Opening Day Gun

    Good luck with that one.
  4. NoDeerHere

    He is alive

    Checked the cam today and had another 8 point there at 1300 yesterday. I was sitting in another spot. Sat there today until dark I have no other pictures of the 3 legged buck but would not be surprised if he shows up again.
  5. NoDeerHere

    BIG D and GW 3rd Week Trip Report

    Enjoyed the report and pictures and congratulations on a nice buck.
  6. NoDeerHere

    Parker650 2021 Season - The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

    I liked your report and pictures. Congratulations to you and your son on a great season.
  7. NoDeerHere

    2021 Last Day Vermont Buck

    Nice last day buck, Big Congratulations!
  8. NoDeerHere

    Browseline's 15 days in Maine. 2021

    Very good report. You certainly put in your time and it is too bad there are not more deer in the area.
  9. NoDeerHere

    2021 Maine Trip

    Tough week for sure. The hard part is waiting until next year. The bucks will be bigger too.
  10. NoDeerHere

    He is alive

    Just got the one picture on 22 Nov. Checked the cam today and nothing and no tracks there either. I will give him some more attention with the muzzleloader the next 2 weeks.
  11. NoDeerHere

    Covid-19 in deer?

    What did they find?
  12. NoDeerHere

    He is alive

    I have been sitting in the area the last few days and have not seen a thing? I will give it another shot tomorrow hoping for some last day magic. Good luck to everyone.
  13. NoDeerHere

    Jackman 3rd Week

    Nice report and photos. Thanks for sharing.
  14. NoDeerHere

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

    Hope you are feeling better. Get well soon.
  15. NoDeerHere

    Maine Hunting Report

    Looks like snow on Friday up north and maybe much of Maine on Monday for the black powder crowd.
  16. NoDeerHere

    MDIFW Warning

    I was wondering why there was no mention of well water? Didn't they find PFAS at the former NAS Brunswick too?
  17. NoDeerHere

    He is alive

    Looks like he lost a lot of weight too. I sat same spot I was on 9 Nov hoping to catch him moving this morning. Got cold and just came in for some coffee.
  18. NoDeerHere

    He is alive

    I think this is the buck I shot at on 9 Nov but could not find even after calling a tracking dog. This picture is not 30 yards from where I shot that day, It is not the best picture but it sure looks like he is missing his right rear leg. I was shooting at his left side so I must have shot...
  19. NoDeerHere

    two seventy four

    Think there is one at Bishops that is 274 too?
  20. NoDeerHere

    What did you see?

    Today it was raining and I was in my ground blind I moved across the street in some thick stuff. Sat there a few mornings and afternoons without seeing any deer but they do cross that area as I have seen them in past years. 0830 I look out my left window and two does are running full blast and...

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