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  1. groundtender

    Sabiki rig question

    I got a Sabiki rod for my grandson. Maybe some of you have tried these. I am putting a Penn reel on it for jigging. Not much of a fisherman myself, but just curious about what hook size rig to purchase that will work smoothly in that rod. Any other tips appreciated. Mostly for mackerel. Thank you
  2. groundtender

    Leverevolution 325 gr. for moose?

    I am a sub-p this Fall here in Maine. I currently have numerous boxes of factory Hornady Leverevolution ammo in 325 grain. Probably won’t be shooting on the hunt, but do any of you have experience with this bullet on a bull? Terminal performance? When I purchased them years ago I was thinking of...
  3. groundtender


    Has anyone here had experience (good or bad) with a deer outfit in Ohio? Gun season. Guiding, meals, lodging included. Thank you
  4. groundtender

    Craigslist clip

    . Just saw this on Maine Craiglist. “All for Sale” section. Don’t know if this works for anyone here
  5. groundtender

    Western Mass deer hunting

    Whenever I drive in Massachusetts west of Connecticut River I always think the woods and hills look like great deer habitat. I likewise have heard over the years that a deer hunt out there can be very enjoyable. Are there any commercial hunting lodges, or even just guides with good familiarity...
  6. groundtender

    The Shot

    Got the call yesterday....scheduled to get the initial CV-19 vaccination this evening at 7:30.
  7. groundtender

    Moon factor

    If the moon theorists are correct, the next ten days should be good ones if cooler daytime weather prevails. I am more of a proponent of hunting when you can, whether you can fit in a couple days at a time or 10, depending on work and weather. That said, I head north of the 46th parallel this...
  8. groundtender

    New Moose Book

    A friend that was involved in this book sent me a copy. Haven’t read the entire book yet, but so far so good.
  9. groundtender

    Times Past

    I am fairly sure that some of you remember this gentleman that, back in its heyday, ran the lodge located at 20 Mile on what used to be called The Old Boundary Rd going from Rockwood to 40 Mile (Dole Pond) and beyond.
  10. groundtender

    Trump increases hunting opportunities Must drive the antis nuts
  11. groundtender

    Biggest Maine Buck 2019

    I never saw the Maine Sportsman issue that reports on the patch bucks for the most recent season. Anyone know what the biggest weighed and where it was supposedly taken? Thank you
  12. groundtender

    Buck challenge

    Have any of you ever had a similar experience? This has happened to me 3 times in about 40 years. The first time it happened, an old timer in camp told me that I had been challenged by a buck. On all three occasions it happened to me just at the very first skrid of daylight, right at the start...
  13. groundtender

    IFW Dashboard Supposedly this is/was updated daily. It works kind of herky-jerky, but on a phone tap on a WMD on the map and it gives updated info on deer, bear, moose, and turkey.
  14. groundtender

    490 & Raggmuff Rds

    To whom it may concern- I got it from a reliable source....those two roads are unplowed and will remain that way.
  15. groundtender

    Image posting help needed

    Tried everything, including tapping on the “album” icon. No luck. Thank you. Signed Tech Moron
  16. groundtender

    Wal Mart stops handgun ammo sales

    Looks like Wally is going to stop sales of handgun ammo. That’s their business. The silver lining is as these big outfits increasingly reduce sales related to firearms, it hopefully will give a boost and resurgence to the good old-fashion gun shop. I am all for that.
  17. groundtender

    Antlers mounted

    With any luck the image is rightside up. I have trouble with stuff that isn’t totally foolproof. My moose hunting buddy’s son fixed up the antlers from last Fall’s Z8 bull and now they reside in this place of honor in his Jackman camp.
  18. groundtender

    Midway reading

    It’s been about six months from 2018 deer hunting and about six to November 2019. I guess. I just re-read Larry Benoit’s book that he wrote back in the 70’s. His style of putting words together along with the subject matter makes the book very enjoyable. His best advice on tracking and killing a...
  19. groundtender

    Maine 2018 Deer Harvest Map

    . Interesting to compare this to the 2017 map. Just looking close up at Moose River Twp and Dole Pond, both show considerable increases for 2018.
  20. groundtender

    Best moose hunting states Heres a possible reason why the top bid in this year’s Maine Moose Permit Auction was just over $22,000. Hey, it’s only money!

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