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  1. NH Hunter

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

  2. NH Hunter

    Lacrosse Aero rubber boots For Sale
  3. NH Hunter

    Sumbitch's finally got me!!!

    I went on a quick camera check Saturday morning. They had been on a 3 week soak, and with ML opening this coming weekend I was hoping my normal spots were on fire. Not the case, but that's a different subject. I was walking in to check my 3rd camera when I noticed it was facing the complete...
  4. NH Hunter

    Lithium vs. Alkaline Lets hear your opinion.

    I have a friend who's made the switch to Lithium batteries in his cameras and swears by them. I'm curious if anyone else has any experience. I spent a ton on batteries last year, although my cameras were out from July to Dec. I'm using all Browning cams set on 30 second video. BTC 7, BTC 7A and...
  5. NH Hunter

    What happened to BWB wool pants and coats?

    I was just surfing the BWB site. I figured I'd look at the jackets again and see if I could convince myself if I "needed" to finally break down and buy the Silent Predator coat. When I did a google search , and clicked on the link it said "sorry product no longer available". Did SP and BWB have...
  6. NH Hunter

    Catalog day just isn’t what it used to be

    Remember not too long ago before online ordering when this catalog would show up and it was a pleasant reminder that we’d be getting in the woods soon? Spending days going through it, folding pages of “wants and needs”?
  7. NH Hunter

    Just wanted to pass along decent company I just bought from. I just purchased the Browning Patriot from this company. I had put two in my cart, but didn't check out. Within 20 minutes I got a text that had a 5% code on it, and wondering if there was any questions I needed answered. Usually that would bug me, but saving me...
  8. NH Hunter

    Recon Force Edge (not 4k)

    Just wondering if anyone has used the Browning recon force edge 2020 model cameras? I'm placing an order this week for 3 new cams, but not sure if I want these , or stick with what I know and order the Recon BTC-7A models from 2018. I like those cameras as I have two, and loved the original BTC...
  9. NH Hunter

    Some native Brook trout

    Spent the morning going for a hike and brought my 3 wt Fly rod with me. Just a creel with some flies and figured I’d see how I could do. This is a brook I’ve heard had natives in it, but never fished it. I made it to the place I wanted to start which was 1.57 miles from the truck and decided...
  10. NH Hunter

    I have a deal for you.........

    I purchased this scope and didn't realize it has the adjustable turrets. I have zero idea , or frankly the need to learn to use them. From the research I did it looks like it was a one time run from Leupold, but I could be wrong. I put the price and description from midway in the link. The box...
  11. NH Hunter

    Good for him!!!! This woman is pure evil. She doesn't want to stop with just trapping. She and her followers think they should be serving on the CC. That'd work out well if they got on. We wouldn't be deer hunting on snow...
  12. NH Hunter

    Who's locking threads?

    That's 3 in a week. Are we not big boys here? Are we not capable of reading something and walking away? There was nothing with hatred or threatening behavior in any of them. For christ sakes, Craigslist is less censored. There's ads from fruitcakes looking to have someone piss on them on a...
  13. NH Hunter

    So Ah...... what's this all about? I don't want to pretend to understand Corporate life, so what the hell is this all about? Seems odd......No?
  14. NH Hunter

    In the market for base layers (long johns) Recommendations please

    What I need is a decent pair of long johns that aren't too thick, not scratchy or uncomfortable to wear, keep me warm, and don't give me back damp like old school cotton long johns. I have work until July, but unfortunately most if not all of that work is outside. We are completing two boat...
  15. NH Hunter

    .....And the gun owning community looks wicked smart here too Let's kick the guy in the nuts that has been one of the few vetoing anti gun legislation. Good thinking morons. Why? Because of a mask mandate? This is the lead story on their website.
  16. NH Hunter

    Grandkid? (Roger)

    Did you end up hunting with Hal this season again?
  17. NH Hunter

    WTB. API climber

    Just wondering if anyone had an older API grand slam they aren't using and would like to sell? I haven't been in the "searching for a tree stand" business for a long time. I'm surprised how few climbers are being manufactured now. Summit seems to be the gold standard at this point. Lonewolf...
  18. NH Hunter

    My friends camera caught this.....

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