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  1. Xbolt

    MDIFW Warning

    so what are they going to do about it ?
  2. Xbolt

    2021 Maine Meat Pole

    Nice gun great caliber i just sold the 1 i had yesterday time to start consolidateing my collection have way to many
  3. Xbolt

    2021 Maine Hunt

    Good luck go get a couple of those maine monsters
  4. Xbolt

    The Grapevine says that NH is going 100% online deer registrations next year

    Bad idea it leaves the door wide open to even more abuse then there is now
  5. Xbolt

    two seventy four

    Thats a monster congrats
  6. Xbolt

    2021 New Hampshire Meat Pole

  7. Xbolt

    Poor grouping

    Ive never used, anything heavier then,150 out of my 280 ai on anything includeing my wyoming moose, never needed anything heavier they kill everything i shoot just as dead, as, a heavier bullet
  8. Xbolt

    Environmental police have poacher traps out.

    For every 1 they catch there are 10 they dont
  9. Xbolt

    Environmental police have poacher traps out.

    Hopefully they give them the maximum in fines, and jail time but even if they do that wont stop these 3
  10. Xbolt

    65 creed,

    Long range only long range hunting & shooting 2 websights whos, members shoot past 700 yrds, All the time on GAME and we have a lot more then 20 members we have outfitters, on that sight that specialize in LONG RANGE 700+ yrds, hunting i know, what my capabilities, as, well as my...
  11. Xbolt

    My heaviest buck to date!

    Congrats, nice buck
  12. Xbolt

    65 creed,

    Everybody has, there preference sorry but im just not into swedish mausers, dont like the looks, or feel never have never will the creed is here to stay as, the old saying goes if you cant beat them might as, well join them. And yes, actually you do here a lot about the short mags, they...
  13. Xbolt

    65 creed,

    My wife shoota m77 rugar in 7 mag its, an accurate rifle with loads it likes, havn't shot a bergara, yet the few, people i know, that have them really like them
  14. Xbolt

    65 creed,

    From looking at the ballistics, and, doing reseaech I would be confident useing it on deer/antelope/varmits out to 700 yrds and elk/bears, out to 400 with the 142-150 grain loads (we practice, out to 1,000 yrds, on a, routine basis) The 143 eldx @ velocity of 2785 - 2800fps Carries 1500 ft...
  15. Xbolt

    65 creed,

    Just one more toy for my arsenal
  16. Xbolt

    Maine Hunting Report

  17. Xbolt

    Maine Hunting Report

  18. Xbolt

    Remington Moving H.Q. to Georgia

    Had nothing to do with where they were located It had to do with share holder greed not because they were located, hundreds, of companies, close their doors, everyday in both red & blue states
  19. Xbolt

    EHD is here.

    Mother nature at her finest, not common in the east but it has, been present in certain areas For a while this will defineately take, a toll on the herds

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