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    The Grapevine says that NH is going 100% online deer registrations next year

    I have no further info than that, since I believe it is unreleased information. Do you think this is a good or bad idea?
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    Environmental police have poacher traps out.

    The Massachusetts Environmental Police received information regarding the possible illegal killing of deer in the Templeton/Phillipston area. On the night of Thursday, November 11, 2021, Officers patrolling the region of inquiry observed a vehicle using a spotlight to search area. Upon locating...
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    Snow Tracking

    If anyone's itching to snow track, I'm seeing reports that it's snowing in Colebrook, Goshen, and Stoddard NH. You'll have to check and find out yourself if it's at least 2 inches for tracking.
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    Big Racker taken today in the rain.

    Not mine. Just thought I'd share. It rained heavily all day today, and this guy scored big time.
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    Deer kill down in every county.

    Why do you think the deer kill is this low?
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    Muzzleloader sale: NH seller to Mass buyer.

    What is required? Please only say what is required. Not what is suggested. So there is no confusion.
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    Covid-19 in deer?
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    NH Moose Results

    They said central NH was closed to moose hunting this year. 24 bulls. Two that weight 880 dressed. 6 cows. 75% success. Only 41 permits were given.
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    Kamik Cody XT winter snow boot

    Am considering these. Anyone have any experience in them?
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    Is anyone running this boot "Irish Setter IceTrek 12" Men's Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boots, 1,600 gram"
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    Is anyone running "Rocky Mountain Stalker 10" RT Camo Waterproof 800 GMS"
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    EHD is here.
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    Lightweight snow boot

    Anyone know a light weight snow boot that is around 10" shaft height? $200 or under.
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    Hey Longbow!

    This deer inspired me to think of you. It is a NJ buck taken last evening and is 230 FD. No scores yet. What is your score estimate?
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    Go Pro Cameras are good black bear bait!

    Guy Finds Very Surprising Footage On GoPro Camera Lost In Woods (
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    Hi NH Archery hunters.

    How has the hunting been since bow season began? What have you seen? Where you successful?
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    Adirondack Giant.

    Taken 2 days ago, bow, 20 scoreables. No other info. I have no connection to it.
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    Kjalar hybrid jacket for men

    Kjalar hybrid jacket for men ( size XL, but fits like a size Large). The core is like an insulated jacket. The sleeves are like a water and wind resistant light jacket. It is a hybrid jacket. I paid $101.00 for it. It is new. It is Icewear brand. Just to small for me. I am asking $50.
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    Hunting book lot.

    Hunting book lot. 4 whitetail deer strategies and techniques books, 1 big game records book, and 1 turkey hunting book. Retail is about $134. Asking $50.

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