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    New brand FabulaGear in hunting equipment

    They look good, but you should also make a camo pattern with tans and greys, since there is not much green in the woods during mid to late hunting seasons.
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    If this is any of yours, you better get it out fast.

    That is where I saw it.
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    Muzzle Loader Season ! Ready ! Aim ! ------->

    If anyone needs a muzz with scope, hard case, gear boxes, and accessories, for themselves, children, or companions, I have a Muzz set for sale. Location: Manchester, NH.
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    If this is any of yours, you better get it out fast.

    Something about it being town land and no ID on the stand. Mass. is pretty touchy compared to most states. Police says this " If anyone knows the owner of this tree stand, please let them know they have ten days to claim it and remove it from public land. Route 20 Becket, Jacob's well area...
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    Ignoring content?

    I have never seen that. Please share an example.
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    Opening day success

    Wow, very nice, great luck.
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    2nd year hunter - southern NH - advice?

    Try to find a white oak stand that is dropping. Put a tree stand over it. Stay in the treestands. They can spot your movements to easy on the ground.
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    Lightweight snow boot

    I guess the rear shank has some stiffness. But that is how I like them, and what I wanted. I like a lot of ankle and leg support. Less fatigue and less stress on the body that way.
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    Lightweight snow boot

    The boots came in today. I just gave them about an hours of use. No complaints. Many online reviews complained and made it sound like the whole boots was crazy stiff, and that they would require loads of break in time. I do not agree with those reviewers at all. They are comfortable and...
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    Bullwinkle Bites the Dust

    Looks like you will be eating good this year. Congrats.
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    On the board for 2021!

    Very nice wall hanger!
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    Adirondack Muzzle loader trip.

    Nice big doe, congrats.
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    Lightweight snow boot

    Will be very good, as long as they fit. I ordered online.
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    Lightweight snow boot

    I ended up with Irish Setter "Icetrek model". They are 12 inches height and 1600 grams of primaloft. They are also light weight. If you need anything for hunting or ice fishing, you better grab it right now. I found a lot of boots sold out / out of stock because of Covid effects.
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    Here, listen to Longbow. I've heard them highly recommended for crazy climates like Saskatchewan.
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    WTB. API climber

    Look at the Summit Titan. The seat frame is 2 inches deeper.
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    Is anyone running this boot "Irish Setter IceTrek 12" Men's Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boots, 1,600 gram"
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    Is anyone running "Rocky Mountain Stalker 10" RT Camo Waterproof 800 GMS"

    Does anyone know the difference between the one above and the one labeled "Pro" here

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