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  1. TGS

    2018 & 2019 southern Maine mounts

    Here are a couple mounts we have in our house. The first is my GF's first ever whitetail, dressed out at 191 and scored a hair under 140. Ryan Rhodes did the mount. The second is my 2019 buck, Peter Sterling did this mount. Dressed out at 175.
  2. TGS

    Early Season is Coming Soon....

    Only about a month away until the early season starts to warm up the shotgun barrels. Here are some pictures of last year's trips (mostly all the pictures are of regular duck season). Exciting days lie ahead, safe gunning to all.
  3. TGS

    Nebraska/So. Dakota Merriams Trip.

    This spring I was able cross off one of my bucket list hunts. The drive from Maine to Nebraska was a grind...not going to lie. After about 29 hours behind the wheel, we had arrived. Very different scenery from what we're use to here in the east, but beautiful.
  4. TGS

    Browning Pump Rifle (BPR)

    Curious if anybody hunts with a BPR and a comparison to the Remington 760/7600?

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