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  1. shawn_in_MA

    New Boat finally arrived!

    Well I bit the bullet and ordered a new boat back in February. The manufacturer had already stopped taking orders for the year but the dealer had a boat ordered that I was able to customize the way I wanted it. It is a Crestliner Vision 1600 SC. Powered by a Merc 25hp 4-stroke (due to the hp...
  2. shawn_in_MA

    Montana 2020

    We went to Montana in 2018...see thread here We decided after that trip that we would return in 2020. We kept planning and purchasing our preference points along the way...
  3. shawn_in_MA

    Ended the season with a bang!

    It has been a long season and Saturday was my last day to hunt. I have had pics of a great buck who kept hanging around and I've been hunting hard for him with a few of the guys I typically hunt with. We have had his tracks cross back over ours numerous times this season and it was getting...
  4. shawn_in_MA

    Wool pant options

    Well my favorite pair of wool pants are about to bite the dust...threadbare in too many places. TIme for a new pair. What is out there for options now? They need to have cargo pockets on the legs. I know Codet/BigBill make a pair like this, I have a pair that I wear occasionally. I can't...
  5. shawn_in_MA

    Shawn_in_MA 2019 Maine Moose Hunt

    I was fortunate to get drawn for a Maine moose tag after 17 years in the lottery. My tag was a Bull tag, Zone , Oct 14-19. When I drew my NH moose tag in 2014 I kept a running thread going on here from the scouting thru the freezer. I was tempted to do the same thing this year as people...
  6. shawn_in_MA

    Montana bucks have arrived

    Two weeks ago the taxidermist out in Montana called and said that the deer we got last season were ready to be sent our way. They shipped the 3 deer out and we got them yesterday...BIG CRATE I got them home and we spent the next 1.5 hours figuring out who was going where and putting more...
  7. shawn_in_MA

    It's getting closer

    Maine moose tag arrived today. We leave 3 weeks from today!! Shit's getting real!
  8. shawn_in_MA

    Leupold BX-3 Mojave Pro Guide HD 12X50 Binoculars

    I have a pair of Leupold BX-3 Mojave Pro Guide HD 12x50 binoculars for sale. They are in like new condition, and 1 year old. Barely used them at all. $350 shipped. The new model has a different rubber armor and sell for over $650.
  9. shawn_in_MA

    Brunton Eterna 11X45 Binoculars

    I have a pair of Brunton Eterna 11X45 binoculars in excellent condition for sale. $250 shipped. These are high end binoculars that were used the last couple years at archery shoots. PM for more details
  10. shawn_in_MA

    Our Montana Adventure

    In 2016 I decided it was time to start planning an adventure out West. Mule deer have always intrigued me and the colors of their face look great on the wall. I started doing a lot of research into outfitters...there was no way I was going to be able to swing the cost of an outfitted hunt. I...
  11. shawn_in_MA

    Congrats To all the successful hunters

    Hi guys, Just checking in after being gone for a while. First off CONGRATULATIONS to all the successful hunters! Secondly THANK YOU to all the guys who took the time to write up great summaries of their hunts! Definitely lots of reading material there! As many of you guys know, I spent...
  12. shawn_in_MA

    Maine Moose Lottery 2018

    Well it's that time of year again! The Maine moose lottery will be held on 6/9/18 and results posted the same day!! Is anybody going to moosefest in Skowhegan for the drawing?? I was just reading through the moose permit info page which was recently updated. A few things stick out to me...
  13. shawn_in_MA

    Drew our MT tags

    Looks like we (Me, my wife, and a friend) are headed to MT to chase Mule Deer this Fall! We drew our NR Tags!!!
  14. shawn_in_MA

    New Archery podcast

    Hey guys, As some of you guys know from FB, Braden Gellenthien and I have started a new Venture. We are doing a weekly archery podcast which will include tournament results, tournament prep, equipment reviews, equipment setup and tuning, etc. We will also dabble in some hunting/fishing...
  15. shawn_in_MA

    Shawn_in_MA Maine 2017

    We headed up to camp on Weds morning 11/15. We got to camp and were all unpacked by 11:00. We split up and went in 4 different directions. My buddy and I went back into a spot that I hunted a couple years ago and really liked the looks of. We got all the way back in there seeing a ton of...
  16. shawn_in_MA

    opening weekend CT archery

    5 of us went down for opening weekend in CT. Opening morning my buddy Jay shot a doe. Opening evening I shot a spike, I was pretty confident I would see a deer as there were white's dropping heavily there and it was all tore up. Around 5:45 I turned and saw a deer approaching. He fed under...
  17. shawn_in_MA

    Cabelas coupon or discount code

    Hi guys, Does anybody have a cabelas coupon or discount code they are not using??
  18. shawn_in_MA

    NH moose permit drawing results are up I was not in the lottery...last year of sitting out. Doesn't take long to get the results up with so few names being drawn!
  19. shawn_in_MA

    Back from Maine 2016

    8 of us headed up to Maine on 11/16. We got to camp around 11:30, unpacked and were in the woods by noonish, right about the time the rain was letting up. The plan for the afternoon was to split up. two of the guys were going to an area that we hung a cam back in October. Me and another guy...
  20. shawn_in_MA

    CT buck 11/13/16

    Last Saturday 11/5 me and my buddy Ben were set up nice and early in a new piece of property (160ac surrounded by another 150ac of Land trust )we just got permission to hunt. We were setup about 120yds apart in what we figured was a big bucks bedroom based on the amount of big rubs and scrapes...

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