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    The Ups and Downs of Youth Turkey

    Its always a success for the parent/mentor/whoever takes the kid. I have so much fun on youth weekends, I look forward to them every year, even though I can't sleep the night before. I guess I just put pressure on myself to give them a chance to succeed. Anyway, we tried to roost one Friday...
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    Spring fishing

    I think its almost time for people to start catching Lakers from shore on Champlain right? Longbow - you're usually shore casting on one of the great lakes for browns about this time too right? When do people start trolling - as soon as the ice is gone?
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    Fletching jig?

    I have an Amazon card burning a hole in my pocket. Anyone want to recommend a fletching jig thats available on Amazon? I'm fletching enough arrows for me and 3 kids. I'd like to experiment with 3 vane vs 4 vane I'd like to experiment with different degrees of spin What else do I need to know...
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    Anyone fishing this year?

    We've only been out a couple times just because the ice was late this year, and its been slow overall. I'm mostly done getting the sugaring operation ready for the season with just a couple hundred easy taps left, so we're able to do a few full day fishing trips instead of our usual half days...
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    Wascawy Wabbits

    Right after christmas, we got loaded up with snow. We had 30" at my house, but there were many that broke the 40" mark. Fishing was a no-go, so we loaded up the snowshoes and went after some hares. Duke hadn't ever even seen a hare before, so just finding one was the goal. But I knew it was...
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    Bed pics

    I know you all have a ton of those pics of a bucks bed with your gun laying in it. I know I do. However, I've never shot the deer that came from the bed. If you have a pic of the bed with your gun in it, the length of your gun, and the weight of the buck, I'd love to see the data.
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    The last weekend...

    I took 2 days off this week to track in the fresh snow. I was close but couldnt seal the deal. Right now Im on a field edge up at camp with my 10yr old Duke and hes got a pocket full of tags hes itching to burn...
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    I owe you a beer

    I forgot to mention this in a previous thread, but if you're the birdhunter with the rock solid beard that jumped in front of my unlocked trailcam just to stick your super long tongue out at it......THANK YOU FOR NOT STEALING IT. It was in Pittsburg NH and you were in front of it on October...
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    Out of State hunts...

    Anyone else with out of state hunt plans see the travel map update today? Its getting ugly(ier) out there. Coos county NH is at red level now? WTF.
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    Camp Weekends

    Headed to camp last weekend to get the old turd polished up. Even the smell there brings up such vivid memories. I saw a bumper sticker once that said "Kids don't remember their best day of video games" I try not to pull too much wisdom from rusty rigs on dirt roads, but that one has some...
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    Cleaning kits

    I can't take it anymore. I've spent so much time and energy trying to buy better cleaning kits, unsuccessfully. Then I take part A from one of the kits, then part B from another, trying to build my own - also failing. Anyone have a good cleaning kit to recommend? I don't want a separate...
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    punkin' chunkin' doe permits

    Doe permit apps are available on F&W.
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    Interesting skull

    I found this in the woods today.
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    Chasing some turks

    The turkey bug has really bit my family over the last couple years. Not only do my 3 kids all enjoy it, but now my wife has decided she's interested. The challenge grows for me because its hard enough to get a turkey in range with 1 person...when there's 3 or 4 of us, its a lot harder. Last...
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    870 Barrel

    The factory barrel on my 870 is just too long and its driving me nuts. Anyone have a short one laying around you'd like to sell?
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    BIG TIME Youth Turkey Weekend Success

    Wow, what a weekend. Youth weekend is the best weekend. We roosted on Friday night without any success, but Duke was so pumped up for turkey season he didn't care. Emma was excited to go because she loves it when the woods start to wake up and she can hear the birds singing and turkeys...
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    Mossberg 535

    Anyone have a choke they recommend for this turkey gun?
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    I just read that a wildlife refuge around Umbagog is going to now be open to hunting/fishing. I didn't know there were areas over there that were NOT open to it. Its an awesome area for anyone that likes to be outside. Anyone have any more details on this, or am I passing along fake news?
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    Ice out shore fishing

    I've been told over the years that as soon as the ice starts going out, salmon can be caught in the shallow waters near shore. The people that told me this were talking about Lake Champlain specifically, and since thats probably the closest body of water to me that holds salmon, I guess thats...
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    Binelli Nova & Scope

    The ice isn't safe enough for me to bring my kids out. The snowboarding stinks right now. The tree's are all tapped. And my arm hurts from playing catch with these 2 boys of mine. So...our attention turns to turkeys. Ethan bought himself a Binelli Nova last year, and got a turkey with it...

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